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Post natal depression 11 months later!? Is this possible?

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Yasmind24 Wed 26-Aug-15 09:06:37

So im sorry this is kind of long, but i need help and advice.
I am a mum (24) to two children my daughter (4) and son who will be one next month.

I think im suffering from PND.

When i had my daughter 4 years ago i was diagnosed with PND quite badly, But the situation with my daughter and son are hugely different. I was diagnosed when she was around 5 months old, but i had a lot going on at this time, i was declared homeless moving from b&b to temporary housing not having much help from her dad at this time, and she was very bad with colic. It was in all honesty too much for me, and i knew that i didnt feel right from 2-3 weeks after she was born, I was terribly tearful with her and struggled hugely with normal daily tasks.

Last year i gave birth to my second baby . Everything this time was/is completely different, im in a stable relationship i have a home and have no reason at all to feel the way i do. My son from day one has had a lot of problems reflux and also lactose interlance and i think this is where my feelings stem from. Ive not felt right in myself now since he has been around 3 months old. But the past few weeks especially i seem to have just got worse. I resent him a great deal i dont feel i have a bond with him at all, when he cries i dont feel anything or rush to get him. I know this is wrong and he deserves a hell of a lot better but however much i try to snap out of this i cant. The past few weeks ive been awfully tearful and upset whereas before i was mainly angry towards him. Ive not been to the doctors because to begin with i thought it was just a bad few days, because occasionally i would then have a few really good days, but the past few weeks ive just felt awful. I know its not fair on him - or my daughter due to how stressed 24/7 i am but im finding it really hard to understand how i could have now developed PND 11/12 months later.

Im not one to talk about how i feel or go to the doctors and in reality i know i should probably have gone sooner but its really hard for me to do, im just wondering if anyone else has experienced this so late on after giving birth, is it likely to be PND or am i being over dramatic. Thank you

laundryelf Wed 26-Aug-15 13:59:48

Hi, I know its hard to talk about but you really need to see your GP or Health Visitor as it does sound to me like it could be PND. Lots of people struggle on in denial until things get too much and I think that may be what you have tried to do. Please go and talk to someone and ask for help. flowers

Nikitasol Thu 12-Nov-15 08:03:12

I developed pnd at 11 months post birth with DS. Combination of continued lack of sleep, PTS caused by traumatic birth in run up to DS turning 1 and a few other things too. I became really quite suicidal and was referred to a PND support group. Most other mums there had young babies but there was another mum there with an older child too which helped. I would say it carried on until DS turned 18 months and was sleuthing through the night. For me the lack of sleep was a huge factor in Pnd.

SparklyTinselTits Thu 12-Nov-15 08:21:38

Go see your GP again smile it's definitely possible to notice PND symptoms a lot later than the newborn stage. My DD is 6mo, and I could bring myself to go to my GP. Luckily, my cousin is a mental health nurse, so I had a chat with her first, and she told me my symptoms point more towards Post Natal Stress Syndrome than PND. I don't really get feeling of sadness or dispare. I have fits of uncontrollable anger. Sometimes I feel it boiling over the tiniest little thing. For example, the other night, DH had put DD to bed, and then when we went upstairs to bed, all the nappy changing stuff was strewn over our bed, and DD's dirty clothes where in a heap on the floor. I went off at him, telling him "I have to do everything in this house my fucking self!" blush
I have been to the GP, and he concurs with my cousins findings. Post natal stress syndrome. She was actually really easy to talk to, and not in anyway judgemental. I've been given self help advice for now, and have enrolled on a course of group meditation with Neals Yard.
You've already taken the first step by realising something is not quite right. And please don't feel like you're not good enough for your babies! You are the centre of their whole world, and to them, you are the best mummy in the world flowers
I hope things get better for you soon OP.

VocationalGoat Thu 12-Nov-15 08:34:22

Oh yes OP, definitely. I actually think it's more common to develop it over time than start out with it post delivery. The lack of sleep combined with a demanding/needy baby is a recipe for PND. With my first, I never had a hint of it, even though my DH left, I was looking after my dying dad, and life was uphill.
I remarried, had a totally loving, stable life, had DC2 and boom! Severe PND. Even though my situation was great.
I went on anti Ds at 8 months post partum and never looked back.
flowers hugs and sympathy.

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