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kirstyleighx Sun 19-Jul-15 18:34:46

pls don't juge me I'm just looking for some advice, I'm pregnant with my second child, I had my first child at 17 I was in a really bad place and was told after my child was born that her father wasn't aloud access unless supervised because of his violet past and social work involvement I had no idea about this and became very depressed because all off the dessions for my child we're being made for me my mother wasn't very supportive at all all she seemed to
want to do was argue with me things got so bad that social work called for a panal and my mother ended up with a residence order my daughter is now 3 and a half years old and alot has changed from then I have grown up and have my own place and I have been coping really well but still have to go to my mother's to see my daughter because my mum wont give her bk and she is very controlling I now have social work involved because off the past and they are doing a risk assent I'm really worried that they are not going to give me a chance because of what's happend in the past I am 25 weeks and the report has to be done by the time I am 28 weeks I feel really alone and starting to feel a bit depressed again as I don't want to start buying things in and making a nursery incase I don't get the chance .

Tequilashotfor1 Sun 19-Jul-15 23:49:56

Hi kirsty you sound as if your trying to get your act together. Well done. Have you got any other support around you? Just because of what happened before foesnt mean it will happen again.

Have you put any steps in place to show the SS you are in a better place now? Have you any aspirations for your future?

You must miss your dd dearly. flowers

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