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Feeling awful as a mum

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gg1234 Sun 05-Jul-15 02:13:44

hi all ,
I never wanted to bring this on notice to anyone but right now I feel I should tell it and get some advice on the way things are shaping up .
I am mum to 16 months old son and after he has been born nothing seems right. I have been struggling to just live day by day and not really enjoy things. First of all my concern is that all my energies go into my son , bathing ,feeding ,taking him out for activities I hardly get " me " time and whatever I get I am off to sleep due to exhaustion . I want to get back to work asap .good for my family and my peace of mind .But since the last year whatever job I started I had to give it up due to my son being falling sick or not able to adjust to new nanny.Do mothers work .? If so how they manage. Right now it feels as if I have created a cage for myself in which I am caught .

SummerDreams13 Sun 05-Jul-15 07:26:16

Oh gosh GG, big hugs to you for a start. I'm not sure what useful advice I can offer, but I saw what time you posted and how you were clearly up fretting in the middle if the night, so didn't want to read and run. Do you have a partner or other family? Hoping my message will bump so someone with more experience can help...

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