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Rupert123bear Mon 22-Jun-15 13:12:19

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has posted about PND. I don't have PND but I am very low and struggling with being a mum. Baby is only 3 weeks old but after a traumatic birth which left me very ill and low on energy (not helped by the usual lack of sleep) I have cried every day and wonder what the hell I've let myself in for. I keep thinking i've made a huge mistake. I love my baby but I don't feel like a mum and there isn't that sudden rush of maternal love that everyone talks about. I'm trying to bf which is a struggle and something I don't enjoy but I know its the best option for my baby.

Reading the posts on here and the amazing support and experiences of others has helped a lot. I've had so many midwives tell me all of this already (they really are amazing) but it's been much more helpful to know that others have gone through; or are going through similar and that it does get better. I'm also grateful that I am not experiencing some of what I've read on here. I have it pretty easy compared to a lot of women; my baby is very easy going, and in a way this makes me feel worse as i don't really have a reason to feel so low.

However I do feel more positive since coming on here so thank you everyone and keep up the excellent work.


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