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Help me please I'm going out of my mind!!!!

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Anon030506 Sun 14-Jun-15 18:30:46

If this post seems abit all over the place im sorry you are all going to think I'm mad!! So me and my bf have been together 5 years we have been on and off Mostly on. So last year I had an ectopic,I found out I was pregnant the same day I slept with some one else, this day was April 27th and my last period was on March 30th. Even finding out I was pregnant the same day I slept with another man had me thinking it was this other mans, which I know is not possible to find out you are pregnant hours after conception, so to anyone else this would obviously be my bfs! But not me because I am a over thinker! So on May 6th I started bleeding and docs told me was a miscarriage, on the 14th may I had a scan they could see nothing. 13th June I thought I was preg again, but turned out the miscarriage they told me I was having a month before was actually ectopic. I had methotrexate jab on 14th June and had blood tests at hospital for about 6 weeks untill hormone levels were down and I had a negative preg test. So on September 18th I found out I was preg again my last period being August 26th. Somewhere in my pregnancy (cuz life was going so good) I got into my head this couldn't possibly be the long awaited baby of mine and my bfs but the guy in April, who when I slept with him I was already pregnant with my ectopic ( what is wrong with me) !!! Anyway 9 days ago I gave birth to my son expecting all my fears to have gone! My bf is Pakistani and I am white I don't think my baby looks anything like my bf, and people have said how white he is! Nobody knows how I feel! Please somebody tell me something weird and extraordinary didn't happen when I was preg and my bf is my baby's dad, and not the guy from last April. I'm going out of my mind when surely it can't be possible ! It's like I won't let my self be happy and this is eating me up I can't look after my son and just cry all day! I have always been depressed and a over thinker I love my bf so much and could never live with out him, and I am scared to death of what might seem to others as impossible! But why doesn't my baby look Asian or like his dad? Plz help me I don't know what to do and have no1 to talk to, as I feel so guilty as my bf doesn't know I feel like this because it makes no sense this post is not a joke it's genuinely how I feel.

autumnboys Sun 14-Jun-15 18:37:49

Nothing weird and extraordinary happened. If you last slept with someone other than your BF in April 2014 and you gave birth nine days ago in late May/early June 2015, then your baby's dad is 100% your bs. If it helps, 2 of my 3 kids look exactly like their dad - nothing of me when you look at them. As they've got older I can see myself in their personalities though.

autumnboys Sun 14-Jun-15 18:39:34

Sorry bf, not bf!

Anon030506 Sun 14-Jun-15 18:52:12

Things are just to good to be true I don't know if it's babyblues making it worse to as already has these stupid thoughts I just want to be happy

windchimes23 Sat 20-Jun-15 06:17:06

My two children are half Pakistani, they look white, they are definitely my husbands children but are as pale as me (with reddish hair, green eyes and freckles). My genes are strong, don't worry, mixed kids can be as light or dark as either parent.

Poor DH has been questioned by new staff at nursery pick up as he's collecting a white, red haired baby.

Don't question yourself, genes are an odd thing and my two look like me wink

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