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third degree tear toilet issues

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kezweb Mon 08-Dec-14 08:09:59

I had my second baby 11 days ago and am really struggling with the toilet issue. I constantly feel like I need to poop but it's like it gets stuck and won't come out. Afterwards my muscles feel like they are constantly squeezing for a couple of hours. Has anyone else had this problem?

Mmolly2013 Mon 08-Dec-14 09:23:13

I had a second degree tear which I would class as a third when I gave birth 15 weeks ago. First baby.

When I went to the toilet for first I would say 3 months the muscles around that area seem slack as in I felt I couldn't push properly so I just let nature take its course. I feel good now almost semi normal.

It's still really early days for you you will still heal for months and months I would not worry just yet and just take each day as it comes. Body's are incredible healers just keep doing your pelvic floor exercises lying down and wait for things to get better.

Assess the situation just before your 8 week appointment so you can raise any concerns with your doctors but it really is early days at the moment. I thought I had a prolapse at my 8 week appointment and a pile apparently It was all down to my scar healing and that was it.

Congrats on the baby btw smile

Mmolly2013 Mon 08-Dec-14 09:23:58

Ps you could be constipated perhaps take some dulcolax to help ease things and warm baths might help. Don't strain the area

thomasstockmann Mon 15-Dec-14 22:26:54

Long story but was faecal incontinent after birth.
My best advice:
1- Don't strain, take the laxatives to avoid constipation (this is very important - amongst other things I had an unrepaired 2d degree tear and the wound took 2 months to heal properly, I also had haemorroids and one stayed for 3 months - use Preparation H gel + wipes instead of toilet roll).
2- Do pelvic floor exercises religiously 5 to 6 times a day. I know this is hard but physiotherapy is what will strengthen the muscles and make things function well again.
3- Under that regime, there should be a marked improvement around 3 months (was 10/12 weeks for me) , then another around 6 months (was 7 for me). The muscle can take a whole year (and sometimes longer) to be back to full strength.

Personally I would ask to see a women's health physio to check things are in order and get some individual guidance.

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