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period after childbirth

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oakeleywoods Fri 05-Dec-14 04:13:22

Hey just wondered if anyone could remember when its usual to get these back after giving birth. Thanks in advance for any responses smile

milkjetmum Fri 05-Dec-14 04:23:12

Are you breastfeeding? I didn't get mine back until I finished breastfeeding (1yr+)

Ems1812 Fri 05-Dec-14 04:35:13

I got mine back (after the initial bleeding for 2 weeks from labour) around 6 weeks after it stopped & they then continued as they used to before I was pregnant

oakeleywoods Fri 05-Dec-14 08:20:14

Not breastfeeding any more could only manage a week with the twins. Had an initial bleed after labour for about 4 weeks and am still waiting. The twins are now almost 9 weeks and want to mentally prepare myself for it as have always hated period lol.

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