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Feeling pretty hopeless

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TheHolidayArmadillo Thu 04-Dec-14 18:13:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heba01827 Fri 05-Dec-14 14:13:30


I'm so sorry you;re feeling this way and completely understand where you're coming from, at my lowest I used to pray that something would happen to me that would take me away from everything even just for a couple of months. I didn't want to die but I wanted to cease to exist for a short while, just a little break.

I don't want you to feel ashamed at all about feeling this way, my counsellor told me it's a natural thing to think about when you feel like you're brimming over the top with negativity. I know it's really hard when your partner doesn't quite get it, but it can be a really tough thing to come to terms with from the outside.

You say you've been to the doctors, are you on any medication at all? Have you had counselling? I found that a combination of the two did wonders for me and i'd been a long term depression sufferer prior to this. I was able to see my problems so much more clearly once all the negative thoughts were no longer clouding my mind.

I'm not a therapist or counsellor so wouldn't like to speculate but it sounds as though you might be unhappy in your relationship and it is affecting everything surrounding it, your relationships with yourself and your children being two of them?

You said you hated the judgement and scrutiny from your CPN, have you ever thought about having online counselling? I work on a blogging community for and my main aim is to remove stigma from counselling so that more people go and get help when they need it. PlusGuidance have instant messaging, email, phone and video call counselling and you also get to choose your counsellor with no endless waiting lists like GPs. I would strongly recommend looking into it, I really don't want to see good people going through such a terrible illness.

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