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PND Help please

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Janjers Thu 04-Dec-14 00:19:50

Don't know where to start but from the start it's been very difficult. After a difficult pregnancy ( threatened miscarriage, illness, so on). Got induced art 40 weeks but ended up with emergency c section and due to bad reaction to Epidural couldn't hold or feed my baby for hours. She has had v bad feeding issues from day one, reflux and suspected CMPI which ended up with refusal to BF so had to start formula feeding at 2 months. She is 5 months old now and still no solution in sight despite different meds, formulas, colic remedies and natural remedies. I'm very stressed, anxious and teary alot. I try my best to get out and about and have good support from hubby and family but it's so very hard each day when I know the battle that's ahead of me to feed my little girl.

ExtraVolume Thu 04-Dec-14 00:28:57

You poor thing, sounds very tough.

Have you had a de-brief about what happened during labour. I found it helped to be able to ask why X or Y was or wasn't done, whether they could have predicted it etc.

Reflux might get slightly better when you start solids so that is something.

Do you get time to yourself, a lie in while dd goes out in the pram or time to go swmming or whatever you used to do, when you are 100% not responsible for her. It really helps to get through the rough patches to know you have that re-charge time.

Janjers Thu 04-Dec-14 09:42:22

Hi ya thanks for replying. No I didn't have a De brief at all but I think it's something worth looking into. Some days are much better than others but I ha hoped that things would have eased a little by now. Starting solids soon so fingers crossed that you are right and it does help. In the last couple of weeks I am getting time away for myself and going to the gym does help. It's just good to get it off my chest sometimes smile

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