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Very low mood and the baby hasn't even been born yet :(

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Stripylikeatiger Sat 01-Nov-14 09:18:01

I'm more than a week overdue and I feel so low/miserable. I'm pretty ok physically so it isn't just a reaction to being heavy and in pain, I'm still managing to move around and sleep ok.

I'm usually fairly happy and see the positives in situations, the only time in my life where I have felt really down for no reason is after the birth of dc1, for around 3/4 weeks I would have days/hours where I felt that everything was pointless and nothing in the world was nice or fun. I was never diagnosed as having pnd as those feelings did pass before my dc got to 6 weeks so I think it was possibly an extreme version of the baby blues.

I'm worried that I already feel so miserable, I'm feeling like a second baby was a terrible mistake and I have ruined my dc1's life. He he was such a happy little boy but the last few days he has been crying and tantruming about everything, I wonder if he's picking up on how I'm feeling (although I'm trying so hard to hide it from him, we are still going out each day to do an activity and playing despite me feeling like I want to stay in bed) maybe it's just coincidence and he's just developmentally hit his terrible 2s a bit early.

I feel like the baby will never come, he's measuring huge (11pounds) and I have a planned c-section on Tuesday so half of me is longing to go into labour and the other half of me is terrified.

Has anyone got any tips about what to do, how I can feel better, might these horrible feelings just go away once the baby is born? (Clutching at straws!)

The only thing that helps me feel happy/calm is breastfeeding my dc1, I felt the same after he was born, completely happy and calm whilst breastfeeding, hopefully the new baby will be a cluster feeder!

GoldfishSpy Sat 01-Nov-14 17:26:22


Bad luck, Stripy, I remember the last trimester is a hard slog.
Your feelings do sound down though, can you have a chat with your midwife about it?

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