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Help needed if you can.

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bebebringingup Mon 18-Aug-14 15:48:56

I am 31 weeks pregnant and i have suffered from Depression since i was 17, i also have mild bipolar disorder. Im under a specialist and have regular meetings with her bit not one for a while.

Im not doing too well today. I don't know what to do. Im meant to be working from home but I'm barely done any work. I've spent all day hysterically crying. The house is a mess and i haven't even go dressed.

the trigger is that we've got some very hurtful family issues at the moment which have been ongoing for a couple of years. Basically we have been excluded from any family events for the past 2 years and yet again another family event took place and was plastered all over Facebook. We were not invited. We've been excluded from everything in my DH's family since our wedding last year and we have tried to find out why and nobody will tell us/says that everything is ok. DH's mum died from a terminal illness 2 years ago but was divorced from DH's dad. All my DH's brothers and his dad and his new wife meet up and have happy families. DH has asked his DF and his DB whats going on but they say nothing is going on. His dad has even lied about where he was going to be and then has gone to family parties.

I really don't want to bother my DH as he doesn't deserve to have to deal with all my problems but all i can think about is harming myself. I do think i am the reason they aren't including us but find it heartbreaking that they could hurt DH so much in the process. DH doesn't think its anything I've done and says its his step mum who didn't like that we remembered his DM in our wedding ceremony. If I wasn't around this wouldn't have happened.

i do want to be around though and i want to live a normal happy life with my baby. But i don't want to feel this way forever.

I have a social worker and I've tried to speak to her and left a message. i haven't called back as i am now terrified that they will take my baby away when she's born. i don't want that for her but i need some help.

Friends are very difficult, i don't have many close friends. I told a friend i have that i wasn't feeling that great and she said 'poor you. I hope you feel better. Catch up in a few weeks'. They aren't supportive really, i guess they all have their own issues and thats fine.

I don't know what i want from you guys either really.

bebebringingup Mon 18-Aug-14 15:50:16

I feel like I'm letting everyone down at the moment. I can barely work and also, I don't want my DD to have a rubbish start to life because i am depressed.

mummytait2014 Sat 22-Nov-14 19:56:38

I understand all your thoughts on here, hope your ok x

Lizzy86 Thu 27-Nov-14 20:47:47

I feel for you. I too am the same.

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and I'm at my lowest. I have never cried this much, never felt so low. I can't even being myself to enjoy anything. I'm constantly needing reassuring that my DH loves me, it's putting a strain on us. But he knows I'm poorly.

If you need anyone to talk to. Just message me. We can help each other through it

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