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Depressed and very lonely please suggest some options is it pnd

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gg1234 Fri 20-Jun-14 15:44:14

Hi all,

Hope you can help me in some ways . My life is hell I am taking care full responsibility of my infant who is 3 months old . There are bad and good days . I am sleep deprived to the extent that I have started having headaches and I puke like hell in the mornings . My son sleeps odd hours and keeps me awake in the nights after 3 . My hubby is working full time and hardly helps me with anything not even housework.slowly and slowly I am lossing it and I don't want to fall in the bracket of depression so I keep myself motivated by buying stuff which I like , putting makeup ( weird ) and doing all that stuff which gives me some relaxation, but I can't live this way long. I need sleep and people to talk to and some enjoyment . What should I do ? Should I talk to my gp about this or suffer this way
( altough it's not suffering but still sometimes it becomes too much )
Regards ,

efilbean Fri 20-Jun-14 19:39:40

Absolutely talk to your GP. There are so many options and helpful treatments at your disposal and, although it can be daunting and even embarrassing to ask for help, you will feel such a sense of relief once you've done so.

I understand that depression is possibly a label that you want to avoid. There really is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of though and the benefits of getting help and gradually regaining control far outweigh any of those feelings in any case.

Keep talking to us lot and to anyone you trust who will listen to you. You're not alone in this and you are stronger than you think x

GirlInASwirl Fri 20-Jun-14 19:46:35

Yes you do need sleep, people to talk to , some enjoyment and a husband who takes over when he comes home from work - giving you some proper rest. How do you get this? Does your husband know how you are feeling? It is worth going to the doctors just for a check up - but I suspect that just touching base with other parents will help you feel a lot better. Have you considered joining a parent-baby group? Could help you feel less lonely and give you chance for extra support and adult conversation. Are you also able to leave the children with your husband and get some time to yourself (away from the house) each week?

efilbean Thu 26-Jun-14 10:38:55

How are you feeling at the moment, gg1234?

gg1234 Thu 03-Jul-14 23:07:18

Hi , all thanks for the help ,efilbean it's better now thanks for the concern .
My son takes all my energy , needs continous attention and cries even if I am in the other room or away .he has started recognising me and doesn't goes to his dad. So his smiles when he sees me and I feel it's worth it .I hope things will be better when he grows up more .tne sleeping pattern to be honest

gg1234 Thu 03-Jul-14 23:15:37

Sorry these days I hardly am able to check mumnsnet regularly , girlina swirl :I don't get any day offs to be honest .i have started moving out now with my son to children centre so I think it's helping me in terms of being social and not feeling isolated all the time . I am doing the days and nights both my hubby works quite Late hours so it's very late hours there .on the weekends its better I get help from him now but hubby's are too bad at baby sitting to be honest .smile) anyways things are way better then before ,
Many thanks for the support

ShineSmile Thu 03-Jul-14 23:20:19

OP, it is really tough what you are going through, I'm so sorry. Do speak to your GP and get some help.

My Baby was very demanding too but it does get easier as they get older and become more independent. It will pass.

I found getting out helped my mood too, even if it was just quickly grabbing take away. Do you have any family around you? Can you ask your DH to help out more on the weekend?

gg1234 Thu 03-Jul-14 23:26:12

Shinesmile no I don't have family around here that's the biggest drawback . But as you said it will get better I am just waiting for him to grow more lol .babies yes are very demanding and there tiny brains smartly calculate that if they cry you will be there on our toes .intelligent fellas to be honest .till date I am just able to sleep in few hours .
I don't know how gp will help me now not sure enough so not approaching them at this moment

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