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Flouxetine or cbt ? Or both ?

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Sleepy678 Wed 12-Mar-14 19:39:38

I've just been to doctors & been prescribed flouxetine for the third time. The last two times I've not taken them & thrown away the prescriptions. My baby is now 9 months & I'm still feeling low at times but think it is definitely worse when I have pmt & due to tiredness. This is when I feel very anxious, can't sleep, very down & sad. I've also been recommended cbt which I can start in 2 weeks. I'm just writing on here for advice. Do I start the flouxetine first or wait to see a counsellor. I felt so bad last week & upset but this week after my time of the month I feel ok though still not 100%? I'm so unsure what to do ?

ASmidgeofMidge Thu 13-Mar-14 10:33:22

I can only post from my experiences, but I found I was able to get a lot more out of cbt when feeling better in myself, iykwim. If it were me, I'd start the medication alongside the cbt.

Wishing you luck

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