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Pnd or not???

(6 Posts)
Bexmathews Tue 07-Jan-14 21:02:47

Hi, I can't believe I am typing this as this might actually mean that I have it. Firstly my dd is 20 weeks old so the initial shock of a new baby is behind me. I still get very teary most days, I don't look forward to spending the day alone with her. I try to make plans every day to visit friends or have visitors. I count the hours till husband comes home so I am not alone with dd. i love her so much that it makes me cry for feeling the way I do. She was very much a planned baby which makes me feel even more guilty for not basking in motherhood. She is a really good baby and I feel she deserves a mummy who enjoys spending time her her more .She has just got 2 teeth and is still very wingey during the day and is very clingy during the day. Does this sound like pnd or just normal mummy stuff ?

Mogz Tue 07-Jan-14 21:19:01

If your feelings are getting in the way of how you structure or act each day then do speak to someone in a professional capacity to get some help to feel better. Whether you get a label of PND, other depression or not, it is really important to talk it out, just chatting to someone who can offer some ideas can sometimes be a huge help.
Hope you feels lots better soon.

Bexmathews Fri 10-Jan-14 10:57:45

Thanks for your reply, I have health visitor coming round next week so will chat with her smile

Headlikeafuckingorange Mon 13-Jan-14 09:27:57

Hi Bex, my dd is 19 weeks and I feel the same. Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone. I hope your hv can offer some extra support. How are you feeling today? I always find Mondays tough after having dp around all weekend!

Katiejon Mon 13-Jan-14 22:09:26

I know exactly how u feel.
I was like that with dd now 5, similar with ds 2 months, so I have an ap, partly for housework and childcare but also for company.
Contact homestart, which is a befriending service.

Bexmathews Thu 16-Jan-14 21:37:13

Thankyou ladies, I do feel better this week. I know what you mean about Mondays being worse. smile

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