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meganlillyx Sun 05-Jan-14 21:52:16

Hey im 18 and first time new mum i had an unexpected birth very unprepared and my little baby boy was born on 22nd december i had a bad few days in hospital after the birth, i didnt find the midwives very helpful atall i've had a bad time recovering as i had to have stitches and i also had an epidural which has give me very bad leg pain. And i came home from hospital feeling happy for about a week and then suddenly i started feeling upset and crying all the time feeling bad for my baby and not wanting to do anything for him.. it comes and goes some days i feel good and some days its bad and i can't cope its been going on for a while now i think it was the baby blues but i think its gotten worse and turned into PND i just want to know about other mums stories if you've had postnatal depression and what you felt like and how you got better? just want to know im not alone! xxxx

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 05-Jan-14 22:06:49

Congratulations on your baby smile

I haven't had PND but I know lots of people who have. I am so sorry you are feeling low. It is such a huge change even if you are completely prepared and everything goes smoothly so it must be terrifying if it's unexpected.

Do you have any support at home from a partner or your family? Do they know how you are feeling? Have you spoken to your health visitor and told them how you feel?

You are not alone and you won't always feel like this. flowers

MummyWolf79 Mon 06-Jan-14 03:04:14

My son was born 20/12/13. I have felt pretty useless since coming home and cry to myself most days and feel like I dont want to do anything for my son, sometimes feel like I don't want him and want to go back to just me and the hubby. I have feelings of guilt around everything, wanted to breastfeed but the baby wont latch on, Im so tired I dont hear him straight away at night etc etc. Dont feel like I can talk to anyone, including midwife, HV, family etc for fear of repercussions......I wish the very best for you and your baby, feel better soon xxxxx

wellieboots Mon 06-Jan-14 03:13:53

do you have good support around you? What about hv or are you still getting mw visits? it could still be the baby blues at this point rather than pnd, but its worth keeping an eye on it definitely. I didn't keep an eye on how I was feeling, and didn't figure out I had pnd until DD was 4 months. if you can speak to people and make sure others know how you are feeling you can get help quicker if you need it. Good luck OP. thanks

sksk Mon 06-Jan-14 03:42:18

Congratulations on your baby! Maybe try and speak to your health visitor or GP about it. And speak to anyone eg family or close friend, see if someone can help you a bit with your baby or just reassure you a bit. Sometimes it helps just to get your thoughts out on paper/in person/ on Mumsnet.

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