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8 weeks pregnant and feeling very low

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Sencho Sat 28-Dec-13 21:38:29

Hi, this is my first ever post, I'm feeling nervous. I'm 8, nearly 9 weeks pregnant with my first baby. However the road to this point has been complicated, I'm trying to work out why I am feeling the way I do - I desperately need to some help because I feel as though I am going insane.

4 years ago I fell pregnant and had a termination. At the time it was a shock and traumatic because I'd only know the father for 12 weeks, I'd started a new job and my colleagues were unfriendly with lots a job pressure, I felt financially stretched and the father lived 5000 miles away in another country. I was terrified, paniced and had a termination. 2 days after this I collapsed at work with my first ever full blown anxiety attack. This spiralled into full blown depression, grief and regret. I had to see a counsellor. 2 years after this said father of terminated baby left me out of the blue- he had his owns mental health issues, it was abusive. The key point was that the termination and that relationship tipped my world. I have never been the same in terms of anxiety. I can suddenly have days of extreme anxiety for seemingly no reason.

Fast forward to now - I now have a loving and caring partner. He's my world. We have just bought and moved into a new house. The move was in August and the house needed more work than we envisaged. The house is currently in chaos (holes in ceilings, every wall needs replastering). Since my anxiety disorder started 4 years ago I need my immediate environment to be calm and orderly to feel stable mentally. It is not - we are short of money and my partner works away all week. The house is driving my crazy.

We tried for a baby - eventhough I was very scared due to my past. THe whole idea of pregnancy holds trauma to me - I get flashbacks to the termination clinic, it reminds me of very traumatic times. We got pregnant on first try, despite me being 38. And now I am on a whole time anziety ridden mania. I cry constantly, I am utterly gripped with fear that I won't be able to be a good mother, I am suffocated by thoughts that I will make my child depressed through my own issues, I'm scared I'll go crazy, I'm scared of more panic attacks. I can't relax at home because the place is a mess. Eventhough deep down I want this baby I feel no excitement or happiness. I'm caught in a web of feeling like I want to run away and not be pregnant. Sometimes I am disgusted with myself that I chose one baby to go and this baby to live. I feel I will be a dreadful partner and that my boyfriend will eventually crack and leave.

In one way I feel this baby may be the making of me because of the past, in another I feel dread that after 4 years of crawling back up the steepest hill mentally I have ever had to climb, I might have put myself back down at the bottom. My anxiety is raging - heart rate up, smallest things overwhelm me, can't feel happy about anything.

My best friend keeps telling me this is early pregnanct hormones - I've had severe nausea and been signed off work for 3 weeks now. I'm terrified it is more than that. Please help. I feel so hopeless and sad when I feel I should be feeling happy.

Misfitless Sun 29-Dec-13 08:01:24

You need to speak to your midwife and tell her about your anxieties, I think. And go back to your GP and ask about counselling. You will be able to get help to get through it.

Lots of people have anxieties about being parents. I realise that yours are on another level, but that does not mean that you will not be a brilliant mother.

Contact the GP and the midwife at the earliest possible opportunity, and tell them that you need urgent appointments.

flowers flowers

Misfitless Sun 29-Dec-13 08:02:14

Good luck with your appointments.

Sencho Tue 31-Dec-13 12:29:33

Thank you for replying. In a way I wish the baby would be here tomorrow and then I'd just have to get on with it - it is the fear of the unknown. I never used to be a worrier in life - but after trauma it is as though my nervous system was broken into pieces and it has never quite been the same since. I will be talking to my midwife next week.

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