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Think I've got antenatal depression

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Elphaba14 Sun 17-Nov-13 13:22:11

Hi, it's my first (so far) successful pregnancy (28+3) after 4 years of trying so I should be happy right? But instead I think I have antenatal depression. I've spoken to my midwife and have arranged an appointment with a counsellor but it's not until 5/12/13 and in the mean time I'm going mad.

Could some mums who've done this and come out the other side please give me a few tips in how to cope? What helps?

Thanks. Xx

grants1000 Sun 17-Nov-13 16:55:10

Is there anything that you feel particulary worried about? Some things that play on your mind? Do you feel daunted by anything that is coming?

I think with first, there was so much information coming my way I felt too overloaded and out of control with it all and it made me feel anxioius.

Also I think when you are pregnant I thought you were supposed to he happy about it all the time, especially after TTC for a while, and you forget being pregnant can be hard work at times and although you are not unhappy about being pregnant you are feeling down because its hard work physically not to mention mentally with all you have to do and think about. You can't walk about HAPPY all dam day long FGS!

I think just talking about it all on here will help, lots of others too can give you some ideas and thoughts about their experiences.

Chrisbenedict Mon 18-Nov-13 06:23:44

Natural treatments such as hydrotherapy, prenatal massage, aromatherapy, meditation, or acupuncture can be useful. Also exercise regularly and keep fit. Talk to your friends and relations so that they are aware of what you are experiencing. It is hard for loved ones to help you cope if they do not know what you are feeling. As far as diet is concerned include whole grains and complex carbohydrates, Omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in fish, nuts, and olive oil in your diet. Also, avoid skipping your prenatal vitamins and eat foods with amino acids, such as chicken and turkey.

TiredFeet Mon 18-Nov-13 06:56:59

I had this, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Counselling definitely helped, as did talking to my GP. I also opened up to a couple of friends, and it turned out one of them had had it too. Be kind to yourself, gentle exercise and keep socialising. Try and see lots of the people who lift your mood

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