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How do you know if you have postnatal depression?

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Rileysmummy1 Wed 23-Oct-13 20:14:18

How can you tell if you have got postnatal depression? I had my pos natal appointment yesterday and coming out of the doctors room I felt like crying as it felt it was a rushed appointment, the dr didn't even know what I was there for she said when entering the room what can I help you with. I stated I was there for my postnatal appointment, she asked a few quick questions, took my blood pressure, my weight (only because I said about gaining weight if I was to take the pill) and my height. I told her my blood hasn't been checked since coming home as my iron was really low leaving hospital and was prescribed iron tablets and still wasn't feeling to good, she said she would send me for a blood test but didn't give me no form to go for one. (I asked the receptionist after coming out who checked my notes and there was nothing about a blood test) I had the little one with me and was asking stuff about him as he was born early and on prescription milk and I don't think it's right for him and having a red and inflamed bum so wanted to know more what to do but she just stated he will be seen at his 8 week review and they would probably take him off the prescription milk (even though I gave a letter in when he came home that he was to be not his for 6 months and then vitamins till oct 2014)
i had a traumatic labour as I had to have a emergency c section at 34+5. I feared having a emergency c section and a epidural which I had to have. My partner was at work and came to the hospital when I rang him saying they was taking me down to theatre for a emergency c section but they wouldn't wait for him to get there.i was already in theatre had the epidural so was scared to death on my own, he made it just in time for the birth.
I don't know if im starting with post natal depression or just worn down as my irons low. One minuet I'm alright next I could just cry. It's a new doctors I'm at now as I moved in with my partner when I came out of hospital and changed, so they don't know me.
Like my old doctors do (been under that doctors all my life) don't know what to do or think. Would be greatful for any advice.

loopydoo Wed 23-Oct-13 22:44:13

Hi Rileysmummy.
I'm so sorry that you feel like this - you don't seem to have had the right support from your health visiting team and the doctor.

First of all, I would go back to the GP reception (or call your health visiting team (number is in your red book) and explain that you would like to talk to someone regarding the traumatic birth you had and tell them you feel upset about a few issues you'd like to chat through.

Once they come, explain how you have been feeling and how you were treated at the GP's. Ask them to spend some time talking you through the birth (you might have to get your labour notes) as you're feeling a bit down about it all. They will know you have low iron and ask if they think it's depression or tiredness etc.

They should give you enough time and support - if they don't, ask to speak to someone else. This charity provides support and peer support over the phone/email if you think you might have PND.

In the meantime, try eating a few dried apricots and brazil nuts daily as they can reduce depression. Also, try eating foods higher in iron - broccoli, pork, fortified cereals, brown bread etc to increase your iron naturally and help keep your digestive system moving as iron tablets can be constipating.

Hope you get the right support and feel better soon. smile

loopydoo Wed 23-Oct-13 22:46:34

oh and I'd perhaps see about making another appointment for your baby to get his bottom checked out - a very inflamed bottom needs medication to clear it up normally. Leaving it for another two weeks seems too long to me - not sure why the GP didn't look at him there and then!

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