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What should I do?

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bittapitta Mon 21-Oct-13 13:44:34

Tell your midwife, tell your GP, tell them you're concerned about your depression returning. Can you ask someone else to be your birth partner? Friend, family?

Buchanon08 Mon 21-Oct-13 10:54:31

A little history, depression in past (pre-children) but been fine for years. Pregnant with dc3 and all been fine until 37 weeks. Dh and I having a marriage crisis and recognise feelings going out of control. My concern here is the imminent birth. Have a homebirth planned and was really looking forward to it but can't stand the thought dh being there and seeing me so vulnerable atm. Hoping it happens while he is at work
and I can just not call him but getting very anxious about it now. Have lost all the joy re new baby and worried about bonding, not had pnd before.

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