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7 months pregnant & dumped

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Mummy2014 Sat 12-Oct-13 21:42:09

Hey peeps,
So me & my partner had planned this pregnancy, we were so excited when the implant came out & we could start trying, before you knew it we were pregnant - it happened so fast!

In early pregnancy it was fine, I liked it - I had no sickness didnt really show till I was 20 weeks, and then boom - a big old belly out of nowhere, out of control hormones & boobs that have gone up 5 sizes!

I always thought I wanted children, and had this dream that pregnancy would be all glowing & blooming like you hear - well it isn't!! This week my fiancé left me saying things had changed, all I do is cry or moan, or sleep, or whinge about getting fat - charming!!

I am not finding any of this pregnancy easy, with even feeling repulsed at family touching my belly & not feeling at all excited about seeing my son or daughter in 12 weeks time.

I struggle to talk to bump, I get annoyed when all people see me as is a pregnant person & I am so scared I am going to resent my baby

I am dealing with the relationship break up as well as not knowing if I can cope on my own, just feel like it's all getting on top of me. I even said he other day if I wasn't as far along I'd have an abortion - that's not right surely!!

Does this sound Prenatal depression to you? Or is it normal to have hormones this crazy?


Flopsygrowsup Sat 12-Oct-13 21:47:19

Could be hormones could be depression could be normal anxiety about massive impending life changing event.

DP sounds like a shit if he's walked take it easy, one day at a time, plan what you're going to do and how, when the baby arrives you will probably feel different

rachelpantera Mon 04-Nov-13 02:39:30

My fiancee left me when he found out i was pregnant. I was only five and a half weeks and i was living with his son and him! His only option was abortion and I'm a FOOL. i am now experiencing the worst pnd. You'll come to terms with the changes. Abortion is never an option no matter what your feelings towards the events in your life. Trust me. You should never wish those upon yourself.

rachelpantera Mon 04-Nov-13 02:40:56

And believe me id be much happier now living at a shelter and being a glowing pregnant mother to be, than being here and questioning myself everyday. I cried for six hours today begging god my d&c failed. Everything happens for a reason.

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