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31 weeks pregnant and lost it a bit?

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Hyperhelpmum Sat 14-Sep-13 08:07:59

Over the last few days I've lost it a bit. Cannot stop obsessing that DH is having an affair/ fancies a young woman he works with. Had nightmares all night about him admitting he has 'fooled about' with her or is leaving me for her. What is my problem?! No reason to think this apart from her befriending him on Facebook around June time. I'm worried about thoughts rather than this actually happening. We have two beautiful DC and are very happy together (I think but thoughts making me doubt everything he says or does) its driving me mad! I had PN anxiety and went on meds after both my boys. Am I starting early with anxiety or is thus a hormonal blip lots of people feel? Shoul
Mention DH been off for long time over summer and suddenly back at work full on. Any advice?

girliefriend Sat 14-Sep-13 13:27:20

Speak to g.p and get some counselling would be my advice.

Not normal to be obsessing to that degree imo and probably an indicator that other things are going on.

Have you spoken to your dh about your thoughts?

Hyperhelpmum Sat 14-Sep-13 14:20:24

Yes. He said I'm being ridiculous and it unfounded but to see GP if it continues as he is worried about me. Had a good chat with my mum who reassured me its prob the instinctive ' hold onto your mate as you are vulnerable' instinct. Tend to agree so trying to ignore thoughts. I will see midwife weds so will mention it to her. Thanks for responding.

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