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twoboysundertwo Tue 22-Oct-13 23:14:58

didn't even read the previous posts. not just me that has had to grow 'mummy balls'. I'm still quite shy but they are getting biggergrin

twoboysundertwo Tue 22-Oct-13 23:03:22

you sound in a very similar situation to mine.
there's a year between my two.

friends disappeared as they realised my kids come first no matter what.
I connected with old friends/acquaintances that were now in a similar family situation.

are you sure there's no mums and tots? most church's have one & it's been a great support to me- I met new friends who lived close & had kids around the same age.

I walk a lot, go to the park & strike up convo with people I meet theresmile once the DCs start noticing each other it gets better, my youngest is 7mnths and he's now able to interact and play with DS1.

it won't be long before, nursery and school then friends in multitudes will come-fingers crossed.


Pashazade Wed 11-Sep-13 13:39:21

Not sure I can help much but couldn't not respond! When I've been having bad days with my little man, I find just getting outside often helps, even if it is just to the park or the shops to buy some milk. Something that means a little bit of adult human interaction seems to help a lot.
If you are at the park, push yourself to say hello to other mums if you see anymore often than not you end up having a bit of a chat and you may bump into them again. Can you put your little man into a creche for a couple of hours just to give you a little bit of head space? it can be so full on that just a small amount of time to yourself can help. If you are suffering from proper depression then talking to your doctor may be a good idea. Take all the help you can get I'm sure they should be able to suggest some therapy style solutions as i suspect any drugs will be a no no right now.
hope you can find some solutions. smile

allchatnicknamesgone Wed 11-Sep-13 13:32:40

Hello. Sorry, that sounds a bit rubbish for you at the moment. Are you sure there is nothing locally? Not sure which part of the country you are in but there is usually things in local vicinities, such as churches (you don't need to actually go to church) etc? can you hop on a bus? I know you say your family do not support you, but what if you asked them something specific, like a life to something nearby? One o'clock clubs? Even a park/playground and you can ask another mum? I know it is a bit daunting to approach someone you don't know, but people are always nearly friendly and receptive.

Keep searching - I'm sure there is something out there. Also, I know it's a bit of a way off, but you do get a new network of friends when children start nursery/school etc....

Hope things get better and I'm sure the online community on here and other sites will be some company for you at least.

mummy2aran Wed 11-Sep-13 12:02:16

I am mummy to a fantastic 10 month old and 21weeks pregnant with my 2nd..
Even tho i only live 10 minutes away from family, they are very bad support. I have said to them several gimes but nithing changes.
My partner is great but he works everyday to 6pm. I have no friends, they all magically disappeared when i got a boyfriend and couldnt taxi them everywhere..
There is no toddler groups near me and my husband has car to work everyday...
Im feeling very very lonely and depressed and i want to be happy for my wee man.. any help advice out there? Thank u

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