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Fluoxetine while breastfeeding?

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tatyr Fri 03-Jan-14 22:39:10

Same as the others, i changed over to sertraline so i could breastfeed. It's been fine; wouldn't have cope with coming off AD's altogether.
Do a bit of research into where your nearest breastfeeding support group is if you hope to breastfeed this time, and maybe pop along before your baby is born, to meet a few new faces, or to ask any questions or worries you have about feeding. If you are feeling ropey after your baby is born it might not feel so daunting to walk into somewhere if you will recognise some of the people and see some friendly faces.
It also might help to have a reason or routine to get out of the house in the early days, i find it helps me, i 'make' myself do things and stick to a routine, and feel better for it. I can't cope with endless days of inertia! But that's me, you are the person who knows yourself best, think about what makes yourself feel better on your bad days and make a plan for when your baby arrives. Whether it's having family around; knowing where to go for a walk/ coffee with a baby, having someone to mind them while you get your hair done.

RuckAndRoll Tue 26-Nov-13 16:11:08

I was started on fluoxetine when 30wks pregnant, still on it now and DS is 4 months old. I was told it's not perfect in pregnancy and breastfeeding but the benefits outweigh the risks in my case.

Speak to your GP and see what they say although it does depend on your GP. My GP went by his big book which says not advised, so phoned the perinatal MH team who told him to prescribe it!

schroedingersdodo Wed 25-Sep-13 20:06:57

Current advice is that sertraline is better while bf. I've had fluoxetine for years, am now on sertraline and doing fine. Even if you take AD breast milk is still miles better than formula.

TwoStepsBeyond Mon 23-Sep-13 11:48:27

Speak to your GP, no medicine is going to be recommended for use during pregnancy and BFing 'just in case' but your doctor will know how much you need them, what sort of effects they are likely to have on you and the baby.

Don't let worrying about it spoil these precious months, you should be excited and happy about the forthcoming birth, not anxious, so speak to them and get a plan. x

floatyflo Mon 23-Sep-13 10:58:52


Vatta Wed 28-Aug-13 20:48:44

Hi, I was told I could continue with fluoxetine and breast feed, but the psychiatrist then switched me to sertraline as apparently that's safer in pregnancy and bf, you may want to consider that.

Definitely worth speaking to your gp.

You're doing the right thing planning to make sure you're healthy after the birth.

floatyflo Wed 28-Aug-13 19:59:25

Is it safe?

Am only 12 weeks so have a long way to go yet. But am currently on Fluoxetine, 20mg. Came off in May. Month or so later got my bfp. But went back on them three weeks ago as began to slide and lose contorl of my emotions.

Towards the end of pregnancy, I know I need to discuss with doc coming off of them as risks to baby and what-not.

But its after the birth I am really worried about. I know that I will need them. I was terribly ill after ds. It was a horrifc time, I was a mess and I missed out on so much. I was a different person and if I were to get that bad again, i genuinely would fear for dc safety, and my relationship with dp.

Wouldn't be a problem taking meds back up again, but I really want bfeed this baby. I never did with ds1. I tried but couldn't cope and like I said it was a terrible.stressful time.

is it possibly to bf while on Fluox? Anybody here been in a similar situation? I am just frightened of those first months with baby without medication.

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