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would you go to gp?

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Whereisthesnow Wed 28-Aug-13 14:55:41

Ds2 arrived in March. No history of pnd or depression in general.
Increasingly I have bad days where everything escalates and out of control. Examples include really shouting at kids and being nasty and snappy, feeling very low with thoughts of hating self, thought of wanting to end things an How I'd go about it (although I don't think I ever would), hitting head on wall, pulling hair out.
If I'm honest I've always had this tendency but its been worse lately. But I do have days where I'm fine or can cope. So what I'm worrid about is that by the time I get to see gp I'll be fine and they'll just tell me to pull myself together

Whereisthesnow Wed 28-Aug-13 18:48:49


squirral Wed 28-Aug-13 20:09:06

Hi, so sorry your struggling at the moment. I can't imagine a dr being insensitive and telling you to pull yourself together, if you feel it would help go to the dr and be really honest. I had PND after the birth of my son and the act of visiting the dr helped me feel I was taking control.
Goodluck and take care.

floatyflo Wed 28-Aug-13 20:11:14

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to seperate normal healthy up and down emotions to that that are maybe not so normal, or the result own pnd/illness.

The best thing is to talk and work through them with somebody. What about your dp/dh? Has he noticed a change? Those around you will probably notice changes in your behaviour way before you do. Sometime one can escalate and can be in so deep before you even realise you have not been yourself. Reflect on those situations where you have say got cross with your dcs, or felt down. Do you look back and feel as though you were over reacting? Or do you look back and see that you were in control of your emotions, you were just cross/sad/stressed.

If these emotions and feelings are becoming a problem, or you have more down days than good, or are just a little concerned, then most def go and see your gp. Explain how you've been feeling but also how you have good days too. its good to talk.

floatyflo Wed 28-Aug-13 20:11:46

The result of*

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