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Anxiety over husband's new job

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lauren6283 Sun 18-Aug-13 22:00:17

I am 27 weeks pregnant with my first baby and my husband has just been offered a new job. It's more money, better for him and his career, his current employers have treated him very badly, but the new job is 30 miles away whereas the old one is less than a mile.
I am absolutely terrified at the thought of him taking this job. He isn't entitled to paternity leave, so will only get a week unpaid, whereas he was getting a month on full pay. But mainly it's because I feel like he won't always be there if I need him whereas now he is.
I have had pretty severe depression and anxiety in the past and am taking sertraline at the moment.
Is this just normal worries for pregnancy? I'm scared its going to get worse and turn into PND when it will be too late and my husband won't be around as much. He really wants the job but I am dreading it. I feel so selfish for wanting to hold him back for my benefit.
If anyone has any thoughts or advice I would really appreciate it.

SellbyDate Mon 19-Aug-13 06:24:57

Hi, I was in a really similar position to you a couple of months ago. My DH has taken the job he was offered. I was really worried as he is really close to home at the moment and will be further away. He hasn't started yet but I can already see that the extra distance and time will be a good trade off from being put upon and stressed out day after day where he is now. He nearly didn't take the job because of my feelings about it, I'm so glad he did now!

It's a shame about the Pat leave though. Is it possible for him to take an extra weeks unpaid at all? Have you got anyone else that can come and support you when he has to go back to work?

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