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Please help - having a bad day :(

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BotBotticelli Thu 18-Jul-13 09:06:49

So having just posted on here recently that I was feeling much better from my PND, thanks to some good CBT counselling, I have woken up this morning feeling like I cannot 'do' another day of trying to keep DS1 entertained and happy :-(

I can't work out how much of this feeling is PND, and how much of it is a 'normal' reaction to looking after a very spirited bloody grumpy 7mo on my own for the whole week as DH has been overseas with work (back today, thank god).

DS is driving me up the wall at the moment: he seems so bored by all of his toys, and cannot seem to keep himself entertained for longer than 3-4 minutes without starting to cry. Then when I pick him up he starts writhing around and trying to get down/pitching himself off my lap onto the sofa/floor like he doesn't wanna be held.

He cannot crawl yet but I think desperately wants to and is very frustrated (lots of rolling around on the floor, sticking bum in air whilst crying with angry frustration). We live in a small flat and I cannot bear to spend more that half an hour of non-eating awake time with him in the house cos he gets so bored and grumpy, so I am having to plan at least 2 trips out every day (for example, baby group this morning, Tesco and park this afternoon) and I am exhausted from being on my own with him from 6am - 7pm every day, he is a big boy now, 20lb, and having the 'wrestle' with him all day to try and comfort him when he is crying and backbending, is just so tiring. he hates being in his buggy, wails his head off in his car seat, and just seems SO unhappy sad

I long for his nap time so I can have a bloody rest, and then feel guilty for just wishing he would go to sleep sad

Is this normal to feel like this? Is this PND? Or would anyone be feeling tired and fed up by the end of a long week with a demanding DS??

scared27 Thu 18-Jul-13 09:14:25

I don't have much advice but I'm sure what you're feeling is normal, he sounds like quite a handful. Is there any chance you could get out on your own for a few hours once DH is back? Just to go for a coffee or shopping, anything to have a bit of time to yourself as it sounds like you need it.

Maybe once he starts crawling he will be more content? Also check out this website I saw it on one of the other threads, maybe having someone else there for a couple of hours with you might help?

Hope you're ok anyhow x

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