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Experiences with Fluoxetine?

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RuckAndRoll Thu 27-Jun-13 10:49:32

After finally plucking up the courage to speak to the mw about my anxiety, the GP has prescribed me Fluoxetine.

I'm currently 33+4 weeks pregnant, and was wondering does anyone have any experience with taking it during pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding?

I know I need to do something and counselling will take 2-3 weeks to come through.

savemesomewine Wed 03-Jul-13 21:57:50

Hiya - I take Fluoxetine to treat severe anxiety & OCD. I have had no problems with it at all. I switched to Fluoxetine about 6 months ago from Citalopram as my husband & I wanted to try for another baby and Fluoxetine is the safest option - believe me I've read ALL the reports and spoken to many professionals! grin If we get pregnant again (fingers x'd) I will definitely keep taking the Fluoxetine to avoid a relapse in my post natal illness. Does that help? Any other questions, please just ask smile Oh, and I should add that the Fluoxetine has helped with my illness 100%.

RuckAndRoll Thu 04-Jul-13 08:20:52

Thanks smile

I started taking it last week in the end, it's making me worse at the moment but I know it can take 2 weeks to settle down.

I've had a long chat with the GP about breastfeeding but he wants me to speak to the MH team and get their input. Problem is the wait to see them. The unknowns and wait are really not helping.

Susie888 Thu 04-Jul-13 17:38:41

Hi RuckAndRoll. Just wanted to say I have just posted a similar post to this. I am also considering asking for anti-d's (had only just starting taking citrolopram before i found out i was pregnant and stopped when found out).. am starting to wonder whether I should have just pursueing with it... I just want to enjoy my life not have it a constant struggle with anxiety and not feeling great!

I also wanted to say I agree with what you are saying about the unknowns and wait for MH team input. I have had such a hard time getting refered to anyone (bear in mind I live in London). I just have felt passed between pillar and post not to mention coping with the anxiety that someone somewhere is thinking/discussing the possibility that I might not be a good mum, its easy to feel kept in the dark (also not helped a few unhelpful midwife comments along the way). I am trying to sort out my depression/anxiety for the health of myself and the baby but don't feel that supported - however as aI have played down my symptons for fear of being put 'at risk' or something at DR and Perinatal MH team appointments I probably am partly to blame for not getting for treatment.

Was your DR ok about the anti-d's. I am just so scared that when I go he will think I am mad and i will be continually monitored etc (I am quite a private person and it has been traumatic enough as it is trying to manage a healthy pregnancy and all the side effects whilst feeling like I am fighting a battle with MH and trying to be taken seriously). I just hate it when people treat me like 'o poor u' etcetc even though I think I am very capable (have a degree and a diploma and up until recently worked full time). I just feel like I have been chasing DR's when I should be able to enjoy my pregnancy..

anyway rant over but hoping the anti-d's make u feel better

RuckAndRoll Thu 04-Jul-13 21:24:40

Susie I could've written quite a few of the comments you've made about anxiety, worrying about what people think etc.

My GP has been really good. I opened up to the MW and she had emailed the GP by the time I had my appointment so he knew why I was there which made things a lot easier. He listened, referred me to the perinatal MH team and prescribed anti-depressants. I see the MW every 2 weeks and the GP wants a catch up in 2 weeks as well. It's been made clear I can call either of them anytime and be seen if I need help.

It's really hard knowing they're talking about me, sending referrals etc but I know it's for the best.

You won't be on any 'at risk' list of anything, they'll just make sure the right support services are available as and when you need then.

ScottishDiblet Thu 04-Jul-13 21:34:36

Hello. Just wanted to send you a hug and say you have taken the hardest first step but you have done the right thing by speaking to your me and seeking help. I have been taking citalopram on and off for years. I came off when I was ttc but suffered serious anxiety so was put on a very low dose of amitryptiline throughout my pregnancy (the dose increased during my third trimester). I had some major symptoms of pnd/anxiety straight after the birth and immediately spoke to my dr who prescribed me a higher dose of amitryptiline and something called respiridone. I then switched to citalopram after I was feeling much better (using the drops increasing the dose very slowly so as to avoid side effects). I was able to breast feed on all these medications. I would always recommend taking medication if you need to. Happy mums have happy healthy babies. I have been able to enjoy my daughter so much more since increasing my medication and stabilising. I wish you the very best of luck. Xx

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