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PND or summer holiday blues?

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eltsihT Wed 26-Jun-13 15:40:24

I have been up and down for 2 years, started feeling really down when Ds1 was 12 weeks old (July 2011), but was offered a years contract doing 2 days a week at the same time so went back to work when ds1 was 16 weeks old. And felt normal again

June 2012 job was finishing and moved house, got really stressed, ended up crying alot and was rather unhappy. but when I had settled in to the new house and area I started feeling better. Also managed to get another years contract working 2 days a week.

So roll on June 2013 DS2 is 4 weeks old. Been trying to work out what to do over the summer hols as ALL the toddler groups I go to have finished up for the summer.

Health visitor arrived as i was sitting down to work out what i could do each day. Just been getting the feeling the only people I am going to see are my sons and hubby for the Next 2 months, and I ended up in floods of tears.

She thinks I have PND and recommended I go to the gp and get some antidepressants and take them till I get a new job,

Just wondering if I really have PND or if I just get summer holiday blues and do antidepressants really work, and do I really need them?

Sijeunessesavait Wed 26-Jun-13 19:34:48

Hi - not qualified to diagnose PND or anything else, for that matter, but do go and talk to your GP who can make that assessment. And make sure your DH knows how you're feeling - perhaps he can help in some practical way too, take time off work to do something as a family? As for not seeing anyone in the holidays, I'm sure other parents/carers who go to your toddler groups will be feeling the same way, and maybe you could arrange a meet-up in a local park at the time you'd normally get together for the group? Much nicer for the toddlers as well as you! Your HV or GP's surgery should have details of other parent/toddler activities which might run in holiday time too.

It's hard work having two small children, especially in the early days with the new baby, so be kind to yourself and accept whatever help you can get. Work and ADs are not mutually exclusive, and nor are they your only options.

I do hope you'll find more help both here and in rl, and that you'll have a wonderful summer with your little ones.

Sijeunessesavait Thu 04-Jul-13 07:16:48

Hope you're OK, OP?

SnoopyLovesYou Fri 26-Jul-13 22:22:10

I think it's summer holiday blues. I get it too!!! Every year without fail!

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