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im scared im not going to be a good mum

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katrinaxx Wed 26-Jun-13 00:47:30

hicim 13 weeks pregnant ive had seven previous miscarriages and never felt I was going to be able to have children and although a baby is all ive ever wanted now that it finally feels real I feel like maybe I might not be able to cope and its making me sad because this is all ive ever wanted sad

showtunesgirl Wed 26-Jun-13 00:58:50

Know what they say? If you're worrying about being a bad mother, chances are it means you'll be a good one!

I'm sorry for your previous losses, I'm guessing that they were early ones as you are now 13 weeks and worrying?

FruminousBandersnatch Wed 26-Jun-13 01:09:11

I'd be more worried if you thought you were going to be the world's best mum at this early stage!

Totally normal feeling. You're just like all of us, worried that we won't live up to our own expectations. Don't put too much pressure on yourself or look too far ahead, just take one step at a time.

Really sorry for your losses, cannot imagine how hard that's been for you.

wintersdawn Wed 26-Jun-13 01:23:22

congratulations on getting to 13 weeks and please don't worry about what kind of mum you'll be, when little one arrives you'll be so amazed by what you've created you'll quickly learn to enjoy every minute of it, even the sleepless onessmile
trust me though few mums can look back at what they did with their kids and see no mistakes.

katrinaxx Wed 26-Jun-13 10:49:00

Thanks everyone its nice to know ur not alone i just worry about everyrhing I have bad anxiety xx

katrinaxx Wed 26-Jun-13 11:58:28

also I have a scan tomorrow and im really nervous ive had two already and they were fine but everytime I have a scan I feel sick and worried xx

Susie888 Wed 26-Jun-13 16:28:15

Hi Katrina, if it is any consolation I also worry about being a good mum a lot. I have had to deal with a lot of family sickness/stress recently and even feel a bit guilty when I put my baby and myself first but I figure hey it has to be done. I worry as my sister has suffered from eating disorder for some time now and is going through a difficult stage - I feel like I have pulled away from her recently for various reasons (we have never been that close) but I feel so guilty for that and worried that it shows I do not care about my family. My other sister is also ill and just found out my Aunty could have potentially terminal cancer so my family, Mum etc need a lot of support I just can't help feeling a little resentful though as I often felt I needed to be supportive when growing up and always tried and that was the only way to get love. I just don't have the patience anymore for it it's weird but then I feel guilty. I know I care about my family alot though and I think truly people that worry a lot usually do so because they care so try not to beat yourself up about it (although easier said than done, trust me, I know!).

Hope your scan went ok xxx

katrinaxx Thu 27-Jun-13 18:56:09

just had my scan feeling more relaxed now xx

amazingmumof6 Thu 27-Jun-13 19:11:22

if that makes you feel better I worry about it too.

but my kids think I'm brilliant, so I must be doing something right! (or they are fools!grin )

sorry for your losses and congrats on this pg!thanks

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