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Anti depressants in pregnancy

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Ls271082 Mon 20-May-13 19:29:08


Just wondered if anyone else has been in the same/similar situation whilst pregnant. I've suffered from serious mental health issues from my early 20s including anorexia (for which I was in hosp for 1 year) and depression. I've always wanted a baby, having previously been told due to my history of anorexia that it maybe a problem. Then in jan after one month of trying I'm pregnant!! Initially I was so happy and I still am and this is a much wanted baby, however over the weeks I've been becoming mre and mre depressed, not sure why, a mixture of things I think, body hanging, fear of becoming a mum, the unknown of how life will change and my want to be perfect. Medical professionals ave been suggesting anti depressants for a couple of months (I was 60mg fluoxetine per preg but came off them before preg) but I've refused up until now then last week following thoughts of self harm I decided to take them. I'm so worried I'm going to harm baby through taking them despite reassurance they're ok. Also worried about breast feeding - I'm on 50mg sertraline a day.

Any advice / thoughts welcome

Beccadugs Mon 20-May-13 23:31:11

Hi LS,

Congratulations on your pregnacy! I am currently TTC, and take 10g or sertealine daily. It is the safest to take during pregnancy, and I know that without it I would be utterly miserable! I think in the end it is a balance, and you have to weigh the risks now to you versus potential risk in the future. Sound like by taking it you are doing the right thing!

FWIW, I have no qualms about taking the sertraline whilst TTC (and will do so through pregnancy FX) as it keeps me functional and coping with my depression and PTSD!

Hope that helps, and good luck!!

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