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Feeling low...

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Thinkingpositively Tue 14-May-13 18:02:50

Hi. This is my first post here so I hope i get it right with protocol etc.... I would like a bit of advice. I am 24 weeks pregnant and all has been going well. I was diagnosed with plecenta previa major at my 20 week scan. My Husband and I were shocked and I was quite distressed being told that I would have to go into hospital for a number of weeks and have a c-section under general anaesthetic.

I have accepted this and have got on with pregnancy, and my busy job.......... feeling excited about baby to come. Last couple of weeks I have started feeling low and now feel that the bond i had with unborn child has gone. I have had moments of wishing i wasn't pregnant and being really frightened about how i'm going to cope.

People i meet say things like, 'you must be so excited' and 'oh, 'i love being pregnant' and i don't feel like that at the moment. I don't know what i am supposed to feel. I tried to speak to my mum but she didnt really want to talk about it.

I have a cold and sore throat so have an excuse for a day off.

I feel really cross with my husband who although he really works hard and is a good man, I don't feel that he always recognises what i need. I have been picking him up and dropping him off to work for a long time as his motorbike has broken and I told him yesterday that I am absolutely fed up with this and finding it exhausting. We can easily afford to fix it, he just hasn't go around to it. He is telling me i am behaving like a spoilt child. I tried to explain to him last night that i was feeling scared about the pregnancy and worried about the changes ahead. He said he was worried too and basically has said I am selfish. We have had ups and downs during times of pressure. He has an incredibly demanding job which i nkow is a source of stress for him but i feel like i need some help to nurture this little person and myself.

He will get frustrated about silly things....for instance on Saturday a teaspoon that has fallen in the overflow thing in the belfast sink set him off on a rant!! Normally i can laugh about that kind of thing but at the moment i feel exhausted and ground down and low.

I don't want to get up out of bed, i want to stay here and cry......

I feel quite isolated too as we moved 6 months ago and i'm just building new networks etc. At the moment i feel unsupported and worried. Thanks for listening. It helps just to have somewhere to say it all.

mrspaddy Tue 14-May-13 18:19:03

Hello.. I am in the same boat as you.. about 24 weeks. Didn't have a 20 week scan as had an early scan then 14 week scan. Due scan tomorrow. I have found the last week really hard and emotional. Just say no to the driving to and fro.. don't mind the selfish comments.

Men can tend to take things for granted (not all I am sure) but I know my husband is the best in the world but now and again I have to remind him there are two of us running a house etc. and he fends for himself ironing/dinner etc.

I also feel lonely enough where I live... without the weekend nights out I don't see as much of my single friends and my closest friend with children is a bit of a moaner and I just can't listen to it at the minute. My mum loves to rant on about how pregnancy can cause teeth to fall out... oh how good that is to listen to!!!

Anyway.. you are not on your own. I was awake crying at 2 am.. I am wrecked today.. just think in a few months time we will have little babies and hormones should have settled!!

Try not to worry too much and go straight to your GP if you need any reassurance but I think you will be looked after and closely monitored and try and keep that in your mind so that baby will arrive safely. These months are precious.. maybe your husband needs a good talking to so that he looks after you a bit better - have you anyone to talk to him on your behalf ?

Big hugs and flowers

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