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Pnd or the 4 th stage of labor?

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Deearnamaternitynurse Fri 10-May-13 07:09:27

Hi I thought I would post this little bit of information in the hope it may help,alot of mums believe that at approx 6 weeks they are suffering with pnd, this is because at this point they feel v weepy and baby is v unsettled, I always make my clients aware of the 4 th stage of labor which infact very few if any have ever heard of this until I mention it. The 4 th stage of labor is the period after the placenta has been delivered right the way up until 6 weeks. At the 6 week point on occasions you can feel a roller coaster of emotions this is due to the hormonal changes takin place, on the 6 th week postpartum your body is trying to return to its pre pregnancy condition hormonally, so you can expect to feel a little bit weepy,moody and hormonal this week, baby is also usually unsettled as this is also a growth spurt week. The problem we have is you have a GP check on week 6 when really this should be on week 5 to prepare you for the possible changes that may occur ( some have no effect with the changes) going to the GP on week 6 weepy sometimes ends up with the GP diagnosing you with pnd when this may not be the case, if they waited until a week later or even two to do the postnatal checks if would be much better. There are of course different types of pnd to be aware of and you will know yourself when you feel the need to see the GP. Number 1 cause of pnd apart from the normal hormonal changes is sleep deprivation, I suggest when baby sleeps you sleep, easier said that done if toddlers and housework, the housework can wait is what I suggest to clients it's more important you are rested hope this is of some value to some.

TattyBoomBoom Sat 11-May-13 18:02:00

I would rather we had the situation of overdiagnosis than underdiagnosis, I don't think this is happening though hmm

Deearnamaternitynurse Mon 13-May-13 16:55:43

Would be good if they did but sadly this doesn't happen

Winetime1981 Wed 15-May-13 17:57:33

I had HORRENDOUS PND after DS1. However it was anxiety rather than depression. I completely agree sleep deprivation is a major contributing factor. This time I've prioritised sleep and things are much better. Hormones also played a huge part of my anxiety as when my periods eventually returned after 10 months of bfing it would get even worse before a period. I also think though personality and life events play a role. I'd been diagnosed with a life long illness prior to my first pregnancy, had an extremely stressful pregnancy as a result and a house move (as well as difficulties at work). By childhood wasn't stable either. Soooooo....all in all I was the perfect candidate for PND!

Winetime1981 Wed 15-May-13 17:59:29

* my childhood

Oh and finally I had lots of interventions with my first labour - a lot less with my second. I believe this also contributes.

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