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Just a rant

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Dippy001 Sun 28-Apr-13 10:15:09

I do not know if I'm depressed as such but this is the place for me at the moment.
BF a 9 month old who refuses the bottle, sleeps less than 10 hours a day and that I loathe at the moment.
A toddler constantly demanding attention, shouting, full of energy that I just can't bear.
So tired and fed up, sick of BF. It is such a lie that it gets easier and is great after the first few months.
I have left baby with DH but he cried solid for an hour so I went and got him. He still stayed awake for 2 hours though, and then got up 3 hours later for another 2 hours.
Hate my life, wish I was single and childless. Hate being sucked dry to the point of exhaustion for attention. So that is all really. I know this is not normal but can't see a way out.

Nannytwotimes Sun 28-Apr-13 17:15:40

Oh you poor soul. Your message made me want to cry. Have you no one to help you? Can you try a cup and solids for baby, maybe he is not getting enough nourishment from his tired out mum. Don't breast feed if it makes you unhappy. Baby will take something if he/she is hungry.
Try to get some 'one to one' with toddler ( who just wants his mum back) and leave baby in the pram or cot with some music on - try classic fm. Is there any support locally, groups or other mums. Do hope you have a dummy & gripe water. Most important is to rest when they do...... You can do jobs when they are awake and toddler will love helping you. Take care.

Lonelybunny Mon 29-Apr-13 18:21:20

My nearly 9 month old is the same , hardly sleeps during the day at all and super clingy , pulls herself up so she hanging on my leg and cries/screams till I pick her up = very exhausting . Hopefully is a developmental phase :--

Phineyj Mon 29-Apr-13 18:25:09

This sounds awful! I'm not surprised you're fed up. Can you try a range of bottles? Some are much more nipple-like than others, or alternatively use a cup? Can DH give bottle to break the mum=food connection?

Creamtea1 Tue 07-May-13 21:34:04

Really feel for you op, I've been there too with ds1. Refused bottle continually and took until 11 months old to get him off exclusive bf. I loathed and hated bf at the end, he didn't sleep through the night till he was 1. What cracked it in the end was persevering every bedtime with a tommee tippee closer to nature bottle, which he finally took when I used cows milk in it with a half teaspoon of chocolate nesquik - yes really, I know there will be people judging now but I was a wreck, exhausted and had pnd and no support. That first time he took the bottle was magic - he also decided about a week later to take a dummy too - and then finally slept thru. Weaned off the choc powder addition over another week and then another 2 weeks and bf was done, he was having cows milk at bedtime and same at breakfast.
Keep trying, you will find something that works in the end.

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