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kalidasa Fri 05-Apr-13 08:19:06

Have you got a children's centre near you? Mine has been great and offered lots of support. They are very understanding and see lots of mums who are feeling low and finding it hard to admit. Worth checking? It's hard to make the call though I know.

BabyHMummy Thu 28-Mar-13 11:24:41

please don't judge your friends or family by your bf's standards. they will probably be more supportive than you think. and if you have bottled everything up your bf probably hasn't realised just how bad you are feeling.

your hv is trained to deal with this sort of thing so could you talk to them and ask them to come to the dr with you?

you are not alone in wanting someone (anyone) to snap their fingers and make it all go away and for you to feel better. I wake up most mornings wishing for the same thing. But it won't go away on its own hun and you really have done the hardest part by telling your bf and the dr how you are feeling.

maybe there is someone on here that lives locally who would go with you for support?

Teatimecakes Wed 27-Mar-13 23:19:27

Please don't keep suffering alone. Well done for taking the first step too. If going back to the dr is too daunting for you is finding a private counsellor an option? It's not always as expensive as you might think x

maxeen123 Wed 27-Mar-13 22:03:33

Thanks for writing back I don't really want to talk about it to any of my friends or family as when I tried to with my bf he said he thought I was fine didn't need to see doctor and just felt like screaming no I am not fine ! But couldn't I dunno maybe I just thought I want tell the doctor and he would fix it there and then don't know how he was going to do that just don't want to go back there with the questionnaire and be send away again if u see what I mean what will he do once I give it back do you know ? X

BabyHMummy Wed 27-Mar-13 21:58:47

Huni everything you are feeling is allowed! Don't be afraid to go back to the doctor. You have done the hard part by speaking out so please let them help you.

I have filled in the depression questionnaire out prior to being pg so i know how daunting it is.

You don't need to "suck it up" you need to get the help that is out there for you because it will only get worse.

Have you got a close friend or family remember you could take with you for support?

maxeen123 Wed 27-Mar-13 21:38:41

Hi I don't know what to do my ds has just turnt 1 and I have been feeling low and down for many months tried talking to my boyfriend and he seems to think I am ok maybe because I try and hide how I am feeling I can't control my moods at all and am always shouting and genreally talikng to him like dirt which he doesn't deserve and I have tried to explain I can't help it which I really can't . I finally broke down in the doctors the other day and said he I was so down ect and just feel like crying all the time but put on a brave face he asked a few ?s and gave my a questionarie which and told me to fill out I can't bear the thought of taking it back to him it took a lot to tell him in the 1 st place should I just suck it up and see how I go ? Can you make urself feel better ? Ps sorry about the spelling x

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