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Feck me, I've flipped

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MarvellousYou Fri 22-Mar-13 10:26:18

So I'm having so really bad freak outs at DH, mainly about being unsupported- emotionally and practically. Today he stood on a wet flannel and he shouted asking why it was on the floor (because it was part of a fuck off pile off washing going into the washing machine) and well to be frank I could have stabbed him but my DC's were in the room so instead I yelled and told him to die. blush

I'm 30 weeks pregnant, got PGP, protein in my urine (stressing about PE), insomnia and i'm a little hormonal! Have I completely lost the plot like the DH suggests or should he be grateful I'm out of bed, let alone looking after two preschoolers, house, cooking etc? He does sweet FA! Ok, he works and after a week of nagging will finally take the rubbish out.

I'm feeling out of control and worried about DC's witnessing my outbursts. I don't think I'm far off hitting him TBH. I've had PND and this feels like the beginnings of something similar. Poor DC's, starting to worry I should quit before I do some damage (emotional) to them both. Not sure I'm bothered about what happens to DH. Help, no-one but my DH can see that I'm drowning.

littlelyon Fri 22-Mar-13 13:39:15

firstly i can see why you are feeling this way, secondly there are millions of women getting to that point every day. sometimes we could all run away but we are trapped within our four walls.

remember why you love your babies , remember why you first fell for your other half. see if you can go out and have a break from them so you can clear your head. ask a friend to have them the afternoon or your other half to have them in the evening.

when you have cleared your head tell your husband you are heavily pregnant should be resting and are dont get hints it is genetic. tell him either he helps or if he doesnt tell him to stop complaining and you will do things on your terms in your time.

let the housework go to pot you are more important than damp cloths on the floor . you shouldnt be bending to much any way.

Remember though our minds can amplify situations and everything your other half does is going to pee you off because you are under so much pressure not sleeping heavily pregnant. take a breath before you shout and walk away from it. because right now i bet you dont know if your being reasonable or not.

once you have tried to clear your mind and have spoken to the other half speak to your mid wife so they intervine if you are getting depression early. It will be better in the long run.

You are in charge of your life no one else . You .

ThreeWheelsGood Mon 08-Apr-13 17:27:55

It really sounds like he needs to support you more. So he works outside the home? You are to all intents and purposes ill (I know pregnancy isn't an illness but you have related health issues) AND kids to look after. It's not okay for him to shout at you for a flannel he mistakenly stepped on, does he have terrible controlling his anger? Does he appreciate how difficult things are for you now?

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