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notZenbutHappy Tue 19-Mar-13 23:24:51

Hi Dysgu! Thanks so much for all your advice. I use PND but still not sure if I should target first time mothers as the whole idea is to embrace all mums feeling alone. What do you think? I just thought that mums with 2 or 3, 4 kids would maybe not really come to groups like that?!... The idea of starting around 1.30 is good- so babies can nap and mums can talk. I was just told that there is an 2.30-3.30 slot available. Would that work- do you think? Considering school run etc. I am a first time mother myself smile Not sure how is life with more kids around. THANKS again for your help.

Dysgu Mon 18-Mar-13 22:50:53

If I were to attend such a group at some time between 1.30 and 5.30 then I would probably want it at the beginning of the afternoon.

I know you are saying that your target mums would be first time mums and mums going through PND and feeling alone. Yes, I guess first time mums could plan their day around the group - but I have just had DC3 and it has been the hardest time of all my children. I am not sure I would attend a group clearly targetted at first time mums or even one using the words/letters PND but I would be looking for a group to meet other mums wanting space to talk. I would also say that by starting at 1.30pm I would plan for DC to have a nap whilst there so i could chat and would have to leave by 2.30pm to do the school run.

Just my thoughts and I hope you get someone with more helpful feedback.

Good luck

notZenbutHappy Mon 18-Mar-13 22:35:50

Hello. I am thinking ti start a mum's meeting group where we can share our feelings and have a space to talk, listen and be with other mums. I've been a community hall to do it but not sure what would be the best time for it. The group would be open to every one but mostly first time mothers and mums going through pnd or feeling alone. Could you maybe help me to pick a slot time? The hall is available between 1.30-5.30. What time would you come with your baby/toddler to a mums' group?

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