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whats wring with me?!

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HawkesBayMumma Wed 09-Jan-13 23:59:41

Hmmm, see I think you do not necessarily have it! You have three kids, of course you are knackered and want to hit your head against a wall, who wouldn't?! It is also stressful when you do not how the littlest one will sleep through the night b/c it's not as if you can think to yourself
'all I have to do is get through to X time and then I can have a great sleep'. Also I think it is normal to give husbands grief. Even the most attentive hands on dad somehow doesn't have the same level of tiredness and sense of overwhelmed-ness that us mums do (hormone based?). I think you are fine, best to get a medical opinion I grant you, but I wouldn't worry myself of the idea of having it. Think about your symptoms rather than a label (I'm a healthy mum with three kids who is mentally fine but exhausted, might make you feel better in yourself than I am a mother of three with PND). Also def lose the diet I agree with earlier person doing that now is an added pressure that you do not need or want. Just my thoughts

tazmo Wed 09-Jan-13 17:38:44

Yes does sound like it - but try to speak to someone about it - especially DH so he can have the chance to help you out a bit more. I suffer this a lot on and off - generally am well calm - but I have 3 children (4, 2 and youngest is 5 months) - and sometimes I can't believe how much I shout at them (I remember yelling at my first because he'd started the kicking stage and I couldn't change his nappy. DH looked at me funny!). But once you accept you have it - then its easier I think.

Tho must admit - mother was annoying me in the car not so long ago and felt like telling her to get out the car before I did something violent. Its not nice feeling - but best to admit it now before it escalates and gets out of hand!

colditz Tue 08-Jan-13 00:30:20

Drop that diet NOW. cutting your calories will make you so tired and bad tempered. Eat normally until baby is at leat sis months old.

Secondly, go to the doctor and tell him or her how you have been feeling.

Chin up, it's very hard but if you do have pnd it can be treated x

debdee Mon 07-Jan-13 23:19:04

don't know if i have pnd or not. Feeling a bit rubbish though & don't know what to do about it. Really suddenly last week started to feel awful. Have a 6 week old ds as well as 2 other young children, the baby cries a LOT & doesn't like putting down which I was managing up until now, using a sling. Night time is hit & miss whether he'll sleep or not... Suddenly I felt like I couldn't cope. I got quite shouty with my other children when they misbehaved, told the baby to shut up when he cried at night, I cried loads & felt totally useless. I kept having an overwhelming desire to hit my head on the wall. Feeling very hostile towards DH because I don't feel he's helped me out the last couple of days as much as he could, then I feel guilty for being off with him. Just started a diet and I'm obsessing over it really and eating too little. Think its a control thing. Was ready to tell the health visitor how I was feeling when she visited today but she didn't ask so I didn't feel I could bring it up.

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