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Postnatal depression in partner? Please help!

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MinaP Mon 26-Nov-12 20:22:15

Fellow mum, congratulations for the new arrival it's cant be easy having a baby and a 16months old. First of all, how you feel yourself? You need to simplify things ask help when you need it from parent, in-laws, midwives etc, see first what help is available to you. Discuss your concerns with health visitor, everything you described earlier happens to many many people. Then, have a nice chat with husband, talk about his work, see if there are other worries in his mind, go out for a dinner, have a little break from the kids together, leave the kids somewhere safe, ie avoid grandmas with dogs etc, not safe these days. It will pass my fiend, you might have to be strong one for a while, so get the help you need.

Let as know how it is going.

All the best

mom2rhysnruby Mon 26-Nov-12 08:53:56

I had my 2nd child 5 weeks ago.
It hasnt been easy settling in with a newborn and a 16 month old son.. My daughter is really bad with colic & screams for 3-5 hours from 8pm on wards sad

My partners worrying me too, not only have i got two babies to look after alone while he works but i feel like sole responaibility is on myself with looking after new baby... He changes her nappies and gives her bottles etc but he dont take much interest in her as in cooing over her, having cuddles.
When she starts her colic tantrums he rolls his eyes and huffs within minutes, after a good hour or two hes ready to rip his hair out and cant cope... This is where i feel like i have to do everything because im concerned just incase... It dont bare thinking about & i know he wouldnt do anything but the thoughts do cross my mind :'(

Ive asked him about pnd and he says he hasnt got a bond with her and she hates him!

What can i do ? X

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