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Just want to cry .. A lot

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mummypud Sat 03-Nov-12 20:41:09

I dont know where to start but am just getting increasingly low, i am 28 weeks with our much wanted third baby . I spent the first trimester with literaly my head in the loo most of the time , the next 12 weeks with bleeding , a hard to find heartbeat and various other worries and now as i approach the last 12 i am a wreck. I am either angry or sad . Thats it no other emotions in my repertoire at all. I am a horrible Mum, i have no time for my children and i dont like me much so i am sure they dont . I have been in tears pretty much all day over everything , my house is a mess , i cant reach to wash bits that need washing and im crying over the fact im crying . I cant remember ever feeling so low . Anybody with any similar experiences who want to assure me that this will pass?

likelucklove Sat 03-Nov-12 20:53:06

Bless you sad

I felt exactly the same without two others running around! Your not a bad mum and the house can be put on hold, maybe get everyone to chip in their bit if possible?

Please speak to your midwife about how your feeling. I didn't and was diagnosed with antenatal depression(?) and have severe PND but this is down to other factors as well. She won't judge you, she will have heard it before.

Just take care of yourself, lots of TLC and rest. It will pass if you can talk about it and get help with the house, DCs where possible xx

I can't remember more because I'm on my phone but I'm here to chat smile

Damash12 Sun 25-Nov-12 02:51:42

I'm currently 30 weeks and feel exactly the same, god it's awful. I feel I should be happy about the baby coming soon but I'm just scared and full of anxiety. Let me know how your getting on.

Sweetiesmum Sun 25-Nov-12 11:56:25

Agree with likelucklove, you are not the first and wont be the last to feel this low. Depression is the worst but it will pass in time and much sooner if you treat it as a serious health issue that you need to tackle from all sides.
Putting your nutrition/rest /need for time out from the children and chores as top priority/ asking for help are the fist steps to feeling better
Make it a priority to take a really good pregnancy multivitamin if not already taking/ eat a balanced diet, include protein & veg at every meal ,lots water

Rest is also crucial, however you can make sure you can have a break or just lower your expectations of yourself and your children- you are allowed to be teary/ its OK for the children to make a mess Aim to reduce the irritability/anger by taking deep breaths, and practice letting go of high expectations of yourself as a mum Arrange timeout at home or out of the house a warm bath/manicure/a coffee out with close friend/ whatever respite you can arrange within your situation.
If difficult/no support and unable to feel any happiness/only sadness, please ask your GP for help, YOU WILL COME THRU THIS and smile and laugh with your children and loved ones again.

Your children wont think you are a horrible mum
they may however blame themselves if you are not well enough to cuddle/play as this is how children usually make sense of mum/dad not being able to be there for them

HastaLanugo Sun 25-Nov-12 21:53:59

I'm 28 weeks too and have just faced up to the fact I have AND. Sounds like you might have too. All these feelings of guilt and low self worth are part of it. Please speak to your MW and keep talking here. Having had PND, I know that with the right help it will pass. But I know exactly how you feel right now cause I am there too.sad

Damash12 Sat 01-Dec-12 12:14:25

Oh my gosh at last others are feeling the same and I'm not simply going mad. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and just can't get happy, motivated or so anything but think the worst about everything. I think something is going to go wrong with the baby. (Due to me being bloody stupid and listening to clairvoyants that said I would have a girl next) this is a boy! My rational mind tells me I'm being a complete idiot but I can't stop thinking about it. I have doubts about how I feel about my husband and don't know why as he is great but snap at him all the time and get anxiety about not loving him anymore. Is this AND probably mixed with some SAD or a mass of hormones making us feel sooo bad that when we get our crying, pooing, sicky bundles we feel are not fazed cos we feel so much better than we did prior to them being here! Just a theory to keep me going :-)

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