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perinatal depression/anxiety groups

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Candygirl121 Thu 25-Oct-12 17:29:11

Hi, my name's Nicola; I'm a Midwife and Counselling Psychologist plus I coordinate a group therapy service on the south coast.
Myself and another psychologist would like to start up some private support groups in the Wandsworth, Sutton [Surrey], Purley area's and wondered if mums would be interested in attending...they would run for six or eight weeks and cover such topics as what is normal with a new baby, what is depression/ anxiety, the neuropsychology behind all of this, attachment theory and assertiveness skills plus anything else mums or dads think would be relevant to them.
Is there an interest for this? If I get some positive feedback I will start planning for the first group to start perhaps in January?
All best wishes for a wonderful halloween, Nicola.

scottishmummy Thu 25-Oct-12 23:42:08

so many questions
what is group purpose?information,peer support,powerpoint and handouts?
are you expecting participants to have a formal diagnosis,what's cost?
what therapy can you safely undertake in 6-8wk?
how will you ensure participants can participate?if participants presentation range from moderate to severe how will you accommodate that
what's the advantage,why should a mum do this?

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