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think i have PND

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3plus2 Mon 22-Oct-12 11:14:51

Thanks for you advise , I will deff speak to gp tho don't know how I feel about taking ad's I can't take citalapram made me go loopy! I was on fluoxetine in the past. It's as if I jus need everyone to b quiet or I feel like I'm gonna flip! Even the man on the news was annoying me with the droning voice! My DP won't understand , English is his 2nd language and my mum will b ringing every 2 mins if I tell her !

fourbears Mon 22-Oct-12 10:23:39

When I had PND, I hardly cried, I was just really angry about things like the mess in the house that I felt everyone was making but not helping to clear up! The baby's crying went right through me and she wouldn't be put down so to avoid the crying I held her all the time. Then I couldn't do anything in the house and so it got worse! I used to explode at everyone and then storm out and go for a drive for half an hour. Must have scared everyone to death as they didn't know when or if I would go back. Was just awful.

Really feel for you. I took ads which did work. Don't know if I would still be here without them. They do take a while to kick in, but the sooner you take them, the sooner you'll feel better. I know there are ones you take while breastfeeding. Groups and counselling not at all compulsory. In fact, very hard to access even if you did want them. There were no groups where I live.

Netmums have quite a lot of useful information and tips to help. Your Health Visitor should be able to offer support but they seem to vary in how good they are. Definitely worth approaching though. I had a great one for a while but then she left.

I can't advise about telling your family. It depends if they will help and support you or not. I needed someone to take the baby off me for a bit but that wasn't possible in my case, sadly.

I also was very bonded to my baby and loved her very much. I had an 8 year old too.

My advice is to make sure your DH reads about PND and understands it's a biochemical reaction to birth and not something that can be controlled by the sufferer. I hope you feel better soon. Happy to chat more on here if you want.

I don't think the blood pressure would be linked but would definitely ask the doc when you see them. I'm guessing that would be a separate issue, but not a medical peep!

3plus2 Mon 22-Oct-12 09:53:46

also can i get away with not telling my family do u think?

3plus2 Mon 22-Oct-12 09:26:33

thanks ive had depression before but this is different im not really sad as in crying sad but i can only describe it as miserable and pissed off. think its cause i have to remember everythg . i was even get pissed of with DH for decorating cause it was getting and he was getting on my nerves!
when you say help what help do you mean? im not one for councelling or going to groups etc is it compolsory? also im bfeeding what options will i have? im not giving up bfeeding. i also have high bp is that a sign?

EwanHoozami Mon 22-Oct-12 08:17:13

You've done a really important (and difficult) thing in recognising the signs and admitting it to yourself, so bloody well done, first off. smile Definitely see your GP. It will get better and there's lots of support out there.

2cats2many Mon 22-Oct-12 08:14:55

Definitely go to your GP. From your description (esp the anxiety) it sounds like you may have PND.

It's great that you have picked it up so early. There's lots of help for you out there. Good luck x

3plus2 Mon 22-Oct-12 08:13:56

i just dont want it. i have been on a depressnats before and what scares me is they take so long to work like 2 weeks ive got half term to do before anything will help sad got gp thurs

FrumpyPumpy Mon 22-Oct-12 08:11:28

Please go to see your GP, or speak to your health visitor. It's so so common, someone will be along soon with more experience but you really really are not the first.

3plus2 Mon 22-Oct-12 08:09:26

i had my third DD 11 weeks ago. i love her too bits she is lovely and a very good baby. but just lately ive been really miserable and snappy.not tearful tho and certainly not feeling any hate towards my baby at all here are my symptoms i matched on NHS website:
short tempered
hard to conentrate
lack of comfidence
anxiety? - ive been worrying over everything
no motivation

im taking my bad mood out on my 5 and 8 yr olds everytime they ask me something i just snap i feel awful. i also find everything is left to me or feel like that. i describe as my brain is going to explode. i do have a lot on my plate aswell at th moment.

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