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mind is taking over me!

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Madallie Thu 16-Aug-12 20:16:27

Hi Katty,

I agree with domesticslattern about getting out the house and as she said do you have family friends you can talk to about how you're feeling? Soemtimes my sanity was/is only restored by my mum demanding that I go out. Is there abyone that coukd go with you? Also if your baby is screaming at home you may be just as well to take him out anyway. After a while a bit of momentum might soothe him.

Also not sure whether this is safe or not (could ask HV) but I have sometimes seen babies laid on their sides in their pram leaning against or supported by a blanket. This may help with reflux if he doesn't like laying down flat on his back. I know you're not meant to put babies to sleep pn thier back but you could enquire about this with your doc or health visitor.

Alternatively a sling might do as previous poster said.

I really hope some of these suggestions might give you some help. I know it can be hard and quite lonely. I felt like that and sometimes still do even though dd is 8mo now and I am surrounded by family and friends.

It will get better tho. I didn't think it would when dd was 3mo but now I do feel so much better.

domesticslattern Wed 15-Aug-12 19:26:40

Hi Katty
Sorry to read you're finding it so difficult. It is hard isn't it? You're definitely not a bad mum- it's amazing that anyone copes on so little sleep and with a baby who screams for up to 4 hours. I suspect every mother cries and feels trapped sometimes.
You ask about advice about what to do to cope. It's so important to get out of the house every day. I found that the single most important thing to do for my own mental health! Sometimes babies with reflux like a sling- have you tried that if he doesn't like the car seat or the pram? And have you told your friends and family that you are struggling? Be honest with them and get them to come and lend a hand, or even just a listening ear on the phone if they are far away.
It will get better, honest.

katty30 Wed 15-Aug-12 19:10:00

hi, l have two boys. One is 3 and the other is 3 months old. I love them both but having trouble coping. My 3 month old has constant screaming phases that can last upto 4 hrs. He has acid re flux and protein intolerence. He has been put on protein free milk and some meds. I have days when l feel like my mind is telling me l can't cope and that lm a bad mum. My husband is brilliant. the thing is l struggle to get out with the little one as he screams when in the car seat or a pram, there is no consoling him. l feel so trapped in my own home! I just have crying fits and need some advice on what to do to cope.

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