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This going to sound really stupid!

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PurplyWurply Mon 13-Aug-12 19:17:59

You are not stupid at all! Don't worry about your neighbour, just be polite because, as you know, you are the better person. If your neighbour's child is older now, she won't be at the groups for babies, so you won't see her. You'd be unlucky to find another person like her.

If you feel that depression may be beginning to lurk around, see your GP. You know how you feel, and having been through it before you can recognise the signs.

Hope things seem more positive soon.

tazmo Mon 13-Aug-12 14:10:20

Hi have suffered pnd with dc 1 and 2 and feel I am starting to get it with dd3. First time, had a traumatic birth ending in emergency c section. Baby was ivf and thought it would be the only one. Could not breastfeed and thought would be only chance so wanted it all to be perfect etc. started to get anxious around 5 months, was constantly checking ds 1 and could not sleep. Got over it when ds was about a year. 2nd time, had crappy time with a new boss at work prior to pg and also felt socially excluded from antenatal class as my neighbour was there and she invited all of my age group round to hers for coffee but did not invite me despite us all having met up pre delivery of babies and it went on like that ie she and her gp were everywhere ie breast feeding gp, toddlers, rhyme time etc. sothis time felt it too painful to toto ante natal gp. Told this to health visitor and she is obviously trying to encourage me to go to something. My neighbour the other day stopped to ask how I was and now says she has present for my new baby. Dou think she just wants the gossip or being genuine?? It has brought up all the feelings I had last time. Dh says to just go with it...but..... Anyway, feeling down again but feelit hard to give reasons....feel a bit of a saddo

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