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Best friend ill as can be and living overseas....advice please

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Auntyarms Sat 11-Aug-12 21:51:27

Thanks for your replies.

No, sadly she is in no state to talk to anyone and more - good idea, will get the children and I to start making things tomorrow.

I agree that I would be in the way too...

kilmuir Sat 11-Aug-12 21:31:55

Have you managed to talk to your friend

more Sat 11-Aug-12 21:31:33

You would probably be "in the way" anyway if you went over, if her/his family are all going over to help them. However I would have loved (when I was in hospital for surgery), to have had letters, pictures, emails, little presents from home to show that you are thinking of her.

Auntyarms Sat 11-Aug-12 21:27:19

Am in shock.

Today I learned that one of my closest friends ever has a brain tumour and its looking awful. She is having surgery on Monday to try and remove it, the docs will know more then - the big big question..benign or malignant. Without surgery she has been given only weeks to live.

Said friend lives a long way overseas now with her husband and 3 children. He seems to have it all in hand and his family are on their way over too. My lovely friend and I go back so far together and we are in every chapter of each others lives in a big way, my cab even stopped to collect her on our way to my wedding!

My question is - what the frig can I do? All the family here in the UK are surrounded by people - I did of course write to them to say anything I can do, etc but of course there isn't anything - I guess thats my problem.

I have two children myself so am useless to plane hop just now, I will go of course after and if its appropriate.

Does anyone have any words of advice? Things I can do - not that actually I have been able to do anything today - just cacooning with my children.

Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated.

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