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Just the Baby Blues?

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goodmum123 Wed 29-Aug-12 23:37:39

Hi chiskemum, baby blues can strike at anytime and could be early signs of Pnd which I had/ have a bit still after two years. Take care, keep talking and get out and about. Hugs xxx

tazmo Sat 25-Aug-12 23:50:24

How's it going now?? I am so busy but have occasionally felt like crying and often have cannot be bothered feelings but feel better once out. Have ds 1 birthday tomorrow (4th birthday party). Felt well stressed as dh is out on a stag do which means he may only get home just before party. Got parents helping but like bear with sore head!! Not sure if normal or not! Been snapping at them! Dd 3 sleeping - calm with glass of wine right now but not keen to go to bed!!!!!! T

Chislemum Tue 21-Aug-12 17:37:25

I am so glad I am not alone.... I gave birth on 1 August (c-section) and seem to only have developed baby blues now over the last days. My husband is going back to work tomorrow and I am very worried and feel just very low. Yesterday was an absolute down point and I was crying lots. Got more sleep and feel better today. Still not completely mobile and baby is demanding. I have issues breastfeeding and am now mostly expressing and only breast feeding little one as a top up. Hubby and I have coped all on our own and also quite angry at in-laws that did not even ask how we were coping for a whole week (obviously they are not offering any help).

Is it normal to start the baby blues about 2 1/2 weeks after the birth or is this already a PND?

PS: Sending my very best wishes to PeterPanComplex who started this thread. smile Hope you are okay!!

tazmo Mon 13-Aug-12 13:57:21

Hi know how u feel. I was crying in the shower this morning despite nothing really being wrong with baby and me (I gave birth 19 July by c section and baby is about 3.5 weeks only though have been feeling I have been slipping into it the past week). Got health visitor coming tomorrow and did come clean that had experienced this with other 2 babies. I just took it day by day and took help from dh as and when I could (though reckon dh mentioned to his and my parents as they came over quite a bit). Just not sure if to mention to health visitor tomorrow. I came out of it after 6 months or so but some people can come out of it pretty quickly. Tho I have a friend who is still suffering 2 years on, on anti depressants and on cognitive behavioural therapy - but poor thing does have ds with query autism and she is an anxious person anyway. Important thing is to confide in friends and family as much as possible but also health professionals if you feel it's becoming more severe. But as above posts say - best to get yourself out, even if just for a quick walk. I am thinking of going into town. But not sure if dh has both set of car keys. Sigh!!!

Auntyarms Sat 11-Aug-12 21:15:57

Oh and of course CONGRATULATIONS too!!!

frazzledbutcalm Sat 11-Aug-12 21:13:21

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
I think this sounds pretty normal, I got baby blues at different times with my 4dc. I'm sure it will pass in a few days/maybe weeks :-(
In the meantime, please try to talk to others - your family/friends/doctor/health visitor/baby clinic .... try also to go for a walk every day with ds in pram, even if you don't want to, being out and about really does help. Even just to spend an hour away from your four walls, your mood will lift by just being outdoors...
If things get worse, please ask for help, don't suffer alone ...
Here's to happy days smile smile smile smile

Auntyarms Sat 11-Aug-12 21:09:08


Firstly, don't apologies and secondly, its good that you are fessing up (to yourself hence writing this letter) that you are feeling wobbly.

I can remember feeling very much like this on both occassions a couple of weeks after mine were born - its wonderful, momentous, huge, earth shaking, amazing but also knackering, weird to be out of your routine for so long (I remember not going out for about a week - when do we ever do that?!) and quite frankly one massive head(F"&"%K) what you and your body have been through over the past few weeks.

Don't panic. Keep mumsnetting and try to rest as much as you can. Its all normal. Any stronger feelings get in touch with someone/family/pals etc and tell them - everything.

Also (lastly I promise) don't be afraid to really talk with your health visitor too, they are underestimated and have tons of experience, your doctor too. They have a tried and tested series of questions that can determine how you feel even if you don't really know yourself.

Speak up, truly honestly, its all normal stuff.

PeterPanComplex Sat 11-Aug-12 20:11:58


I gave birth to a boy on the 31st of July (Ezra, 9.03 oz's of adoreableness). The actual labour started late on the 29th and it was a ventouse assisted delivery in the end due to a change in the foetal Heart rate.

That's not the point, sorry my mind keeps wandering.

What I wanted to ask is if anyone had delayed 'baby blues'?

I was expecting to be weepy and miserable a few days after the birth, but it never happened and I thought I'd gotten away with it. But today I woke up, and I swear to God I feel like my whole world has ended. I am so unbelievably sad, I've never felt like this. I'm actually crying as I type.

All I've been able to do today is change his nappies, feed and burp him - and that's it. I haven't been able to change myself, or feed myself - I'm still in yesterdays socks (sorry TMI).

I just wanted to know is this temporary, I really hope it is temporary and tomorrow I'll wake up and cringe at how emotional I am.

Other Half is away atm, with his mother who is poorly. I've no other problems, just this emptiness and overwhelming sadness.

Sorry my first post has been so depressing.

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