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Sertraline at 30 weeks

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mondaine Thu 09-Aug-12 12:12:36

I've just re-started Sertraline (was on it when I conceived but came off when I found out I was pregnant). I'm now 30 weeks and have been struggling with depression throughout the pregnancy. I'm petrified I have done the wrong thing but I know I need the help right now.

Has anyone else re-started AD's well into the pregnancy and did it affect your baby? Did it help you?


Empusa Thu 09-Aug-12 17:19:41

Yes, I did. I also came off it when I found out I was pregnant, it did no harm to me or DS. Aside from a bit of reflux he is a perfectly healthy, happy little boy smile

It did help as well - definitely took the edge off. And I was dealing with a lot of bad stuff during the pregnancy.

mondaine Thu 09-Aug-12 21:30:48

Thank you Empusa

I have a lovely doctor and we have been seeing if I could cope without the AD's. I suppose I nearly made it through to 40 weeks but we made a joint decision today to go for it. I had horrid PND with my last DS so the doctor and midwife have been keeping an eye on things.

Hope your bad stuff is resolved or at least not as bad


Empusa Thu 09-Aug-12 21:43:20

That's good that they are keeping an eye on you smile Makes a huge difference

jonniesgirl Fri 21-Sep-12 20:26:55

so glad to find this thread. i have been taking seroxat for the past 7 years have had 2 healthly babies on it. i have ocd and anxiety. am currently pregnant with number 4 and to my shock consultant has said i have to change to sertraline 50mg tried to down the dose of seroxat and withdrawal has been bad supposed to start sertraline in 15 days but have had to up dose of seroxat back to 20mg. i have been searching the internet and it seems seroxat is no worse than any other ssri during pregnancy i am so worried anyone been there i cannot stop taking ad's my symptoms would come back and it would be hell i would not be able to function.anyone going through the same thing? am scared to face my consultant not sure she will understand if i say i want to stay to seroxat and avoid the trauma that is changing to sertraline. so scared and anxious xoxox

spandau1980 Sat 08-Dec-12 21:43:47

Yep on it for yrs then fell pregnant restarted at around 18 weeks. still very down so goodness knows what id be like off it! Took from 28 weeks with ds3 and he popped out healthy and is now a bright healthy eight yr old xx

NanaNina Wed 12-Dec-12 14:39:15

You shouldn't be scared to "face your consultant" - they are ordinary mortals like you and I and sometimes get things wrong. Besides they should be working in partnership with you. YOU are the most important part of the partnership because it is your mental health at stake, not hers.

Tell the consultant how you feel about changing from seroxat that has worked well for you, for so mnay years. What are her reasons for suggesting chnage? Do they make any sense? One thing you said you had 2 healthy babies while on seroxat and now pregnant with No. 4 . What happened with No. 3 - could this be a reason she wants to change the meds. Is it anything to do with safety for the foetus.
I know how hard it is to be assertive when you are so scared and anxious but consultants are very highly paid and should be able to understand your fears. IF you feel strongly about it and she won't budge on the change, then ask for a change of consultant.

I am not pregnant (am a grandmother!) but I have suffered with depression and have had 2 major episodes in 15 years and intermiitent depression now. I was in hospital each time for 3 months. The last time (2 yrs ago) I did not like the consultant psychiatrist at all - he was offhand to the point of being rude and wouldn't even maintain eye contact. Everyone else on the ward had a different pyschiatrist (it was done by geographical area) and one of the nurses told me I could change if I wanted to and implied that many patients had had the same trouble with this I changed and the other one was so nice and patient and listened!

Hope you get sorted.

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