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Fluoxetine will save me I hope! Help?!

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Lottie27029 Sun 05-Aug-12 22:48:18

A little info about myself I am 23yrs old I have a little boy called Tom who is nearly 11months now.

I have silently been struggling with depression for the last couple of years. T was not planned and I wanted to go through with the pregnancy and my dp wasn't so sure he used the financial card and he didn't feel he was mature enough to be a father. I gave him the option after it had sunk in that even if he didn't want this child I did and I would do it with or without him. He stuck by me and as the pregnancy progressed and my bump began to grow and we had the scans my excitement began to grow and amazingly so did his and even more so when we found out we were having a Boy.

Skip forward to my labour my waters broke 40+5 and were a horrid colour (meconium)sp) So I had to be sped up quickly by pitocin IV I had a 13hr horrendous painful scary labour also any painkiller I could get my hands on and I also had an epidural. When T was born he was 
6lb 14oz he had ingested some meconium and wasnt breathing properly so after a short cuddle he was taken to SCBU. After delivering my placenta I hemorreaged and lost nearly 2.5pints of blood so had lots of doctors jabbing me with clotting drugs etc and I had a 3rd degree tear to top it off OUCH! So had to go to theatre to be stitched up. I wasn't allowed to then visit T until I could transfer myself from bed to wheelchair well after 5 epidural top ups I was pretty numb and even with all my strength I was still like bambi
So I didn't get to see him and wen I did he was incubated and looked so fragile and small. I tried to express my colostrum to syringe for him but had great difficulty and even breast feeding wasn't happening and the scuba nurses put a lot of pressure on me I felt a failure and in the end he had to start formula. 4days later we were both out of hospital but into the scary work of parenting on our own. Tom never slept for 9 weeks he cried and cried I was told it was colic time n time again by doc but it turned out after a day of 8hrs solid screaming I rang the local children's centre and they sent out a nurse wat a life saver she was!! He was dairy intolerant within 48hrs of being on neocate lcp he was a changed baby the crying stopped and the smiling and laughing began but the night sleeping never happened and then more screaming began T was diagnosed with a hernia in his groin and had to have an op to close the hole in his bowel. So we thought now he was sorted we may get the sleep thing sorted but no.... I say we but I mean I , I alone for the last 10 months have suffered sleepless nights and crying wakings up to 6 times, wen T turned 9 months I went back to work wat a relief finally some adult conversation !! My dp works very long hrs and still doesn't seem to fully understand the word parent. I was a carer for people with learning disabilities I worked there 4 years I grew up there I had the best boss, great friends/colleagues and amazing tenants. Over the last 10 months my body and mins have gone from sky high to down low happy sad but me being me put a brave face wrong was I to do that. 3 weeks ago I had a severe post natal depression breakdown I couldn't cope anymore, my life had changed so much my body my personality my relationship everything!! We were in financial difficulty and even now I am still disgusted with what I did and stole some money that wasn't mine to take. In the end I confessed to my boss who tried to keep it under raps but legally couldn't so I immediately lost my job my last 4yrs of life almost. Most of my 'friends' apart from the people who rly know had I hav Bremen 'well' I wouldn't of ever even contemplates doing something so horrendous. Which seems to be only a few. My family now know how much I have been suffering I was cautioned by the police and now probably can't do the job I love anymore.
I feel at total rock bottom my do doesn't 'understand' my own mum has m.s so can only limited ly help with Tom dp mum works so no breaks for me. I cracked complete meltdown!!

Anyway that's my quick version (haha) of my last 1.5yrs
I have decided to write a book whilst I recover in the hope that should I be lucky enough to have it go public I hope it may help others understand the pnd monster and what u can think and feel it won't be all doom and gloom and lighthearted wen appropriate and funny but I would just like some opinions or ideas on...
What would u want in the book?
Would you be interested in buying a book like this?
Any other ideas u have?
Statistics,studies,meds and therapies available?
Resources- call lines, websites HELP!?
Any answers will be greatly recieved even ur own experiences if u want to share or if like me u are currently suffering with this monster severely or mildly or not at all. 
Thanks for reading ... If u get this far feel free to pm me if u want anything to stay private. 

I want this book to aid my recovery as well as others
The only way is up from now
Sorry ladies I hadn't finished my post b4 ur replies!!! But thanks anyway. :-) I am under a gp on new antidepressants (Prozac) from setraline. 
Hoping for counselling too but we shall see, I have let my guard totally down
Thanks again for reading x

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