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Finally admitted to PND after 7 months, but what can they do if I'm pregnant again?

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Flowerydems Sat 07-Jul-12 20:53:37


Has this happened to anyone?
My DS is 7 months and I've finally had to admit defeat to PND. Been feeling so low and lonely in a new town and feel really disconnected from my DS. Feel like such a heartless mum even writing this and feel like I'm letting him and my DH down but I feel like every day I'm just going through the motions, don't get me wrong he's fed and watered and changed, taken to baby groups and I'd always take care of him but sometimes it just feels like I'm doing it cause I have to and not because of that intense link that everyone has gone on about.

And now I'm pregnant and I just don't know what to do? Is it only going to get worse now? All I want is to reconnect with DS and feel like all the other mums must feel but I can't seem to push through this and I just feel really lost


Cheriefroufrou Sat 07-Jul-12 20:57:18

hi, I didn't have PND but bonding with DS took months, so just wanted to come along and say not to worry, me n DS have a great bond now, the early days when I was "going through the motions" and taking him out and caring for him when I wasn't all that into it didn't matter to him, he seems to have felt loved and I do really love and enjoy him now


Sunflowergirl2011 Sat 07-Jul-12 21:01:42

Hi, I had PND and you have my sympathies, it can be a tough time. You will feel better smile. Wasn't pregnant myself when going through it but I do know of people who have been on anti depressants while pregnant. Go see your GP. On Monday. smile I put it off for ages but wish I hadn't the ADs helped turn me back to my old self. This isn't your fAult and you owe it to yourself and your son to get better, you can do it smile

ImaCleverClogs Sun 15-Jul-12 21:46:29

You will be a very strong candidate for counselling. It really helped me to be able to be absolutely honest with someone about how I actually felt about ds and lots of other things. Your gp or hv will be able to refer you.

I think people who go on about the instant rush of love should get a boot up the arse. There have been threads on here 100s and 100s of posts long from people who never felt it and were just going through the motions for months. Everyone said they did eventually, either it gradually sneaked up on them or some little thing happened to their baby and it hit them.

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