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am i going crazy?

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Mizzgreen Sun 28-Aug-11 21:32:57

Hiya ladies i'm not sure what it is but feels like im going crazy,Last few days i've been very snappy and people been saying its my hormones but i really think its more than that to be-honest. THe slightestest thing sets me off, i pick arguments, i stress over most little things, i look for things to row over. I feel awful to my little boy who is 5 as i've recently have very little patience with him and i hate it. At the moment i understand im stressy as im 25 weeks gone, hubby is on tour and not back until 2 weeks before im due, my mother and brother are living with me and my brother has adhd and his behaviour is uncontrollable to the extent of constantly restraining him. I work over 40 hours a week in a kitchen. But i feel as if im alone and when i speak to friends they just say im stressed but i feel like im going crazy, because other than that everything is good in my life, good husband, loving family, close friends, good support network and enjoy work and have a lovely little boy. Tonight i emailed the hubby and said i dont think you wanted to marry me and have this baby as i feel as if he doesnt want me i cant feel his love, maybe as he been away since april on tour and its slowly getting to me i dont know. but surely this anxiety and unhappiness and stressy lifestyle is no good! anyone else suffered with anything similar. Pregnant woman on the edge here xxx

Gumps Mon 29-Aug-11 04:44:03

Poor you. Pregnancy is such an emotional time and going through it with your dp away must be so tough.
Try and have some time out to pamper yourself and cut yourself some slack. You have a lot going on so no wonder you feel stressed.
Good luck and hope you dp is back safely soon.

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