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What expect at appt?

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chickenchops Fri 01-Jul-11 22:19:25

In may I suffered from a very traumatic labour and delivery of DS. My GP has referred me on with suspected PTSD to one of the Psychiatrists and I was just wondering what I could expect? Is it just chatting about the birth? How long is the appt likely to be? Also, (and I hope this doesn't sound silly but...) There won't be any physical exam will there? Am just concerned as I don't really want to be touched right now by anyone.
Many thanks in advance

fishandlilacs Fri 01-Jul-11 23:29:54

Hi chicken chops,

I saw a physchologist after my birth trauma and PND. It was really nice, we had a coffee, chatted a bit about what had happened then talked about what I wanted to get out of therapy, he talked a bit about what he could help me with and asked where I wanted to be. It lasted about an hour, I cried a bit but that was dealt with sensitively as well. I had a further 5 sessions and it helped. Funnily enough i am seeing one again next week because I am now pregnant again with DC2 and I just want to make sure theres no residual birth trauma, even though I feel fine and I am no longer scared of being pregnant or having another birth experience. I was for a long time. They have been incredibly supportive.

There was no physical, I would think that if would be unnecassary and not a psychiatrists jurisdiction.

Good luck-and remember you will get through this, it's not easy right now, theres lots of support on MN and it sounds like you are doing the right thing.

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